24 Mar 2015

air jordan 8 aqua retro How to Strengthen Fallen Arches

Hello, I’m Dr. There are 26 bones in the human foot. These 26 bones all have a specific, normal, healthy alignment they’re supposed to be in. And, there are four arches in the foot. Two go lengthwise, and two go crosswise in the foot. Due to repetitive trauma and stress, obesity, pregnancy, improper footwear, walking on uneven terrain, there are a lot of things that can cause stress to the foot. And, over air jordan 8 aqua retro a period of time, that stress will cause your foot to lose it’s healthy alignment. That means these 26 bones misalign, which places a great amount of stress on the muscles, ligaments, nerves, and air jordan 10 13 countdown package tissues of the foot, causing pain and symptoms. There are things you can do to strengthen these arches, and rehabilitate this condition. Let’s talk about some of those things. First of all, you can do simple toe raises, which is the first step to putting strength back into the arches of your feet. You’re going to stand with your feet shoulder width apart, and raise off of your heels, up on the balls of your feet. You’re going to hold that for five to ten seconds, and then lower your feet back down to the ground. Do that for five to ten repetitions, and you can do this every day. The second exercise we’re going to talk about are circular toe raises. You’re going to start by lifting your heels just slightly off the ground, and then you’re going to rotate your feet in air jordan 13 retro white grey red a circular fashion, making circles with your heel. Do this for five to 10 repetitions one direction, then switch the opposite direction. The next exercise is standing on one foot. This is a balance exercise. Now, this one, I recommend not holding onto a wall, but you can do Nike Air Foamposite One it in such a position to where you have something available in case you lose your balance. You don’t want to fall down. Hold this for 15 to 30 seconds on each foot, and do it five times on each foot. You can do this once a day. You’re going Air Jordan 18s to get better and better at this as you continue, and this is a great exercise. While you’re holding this exercise, you’re going to air jordan 10 x retro shadow feel your foot fluctuate or wiggle back and forth as you’re standing on it. Those are all the tendons, muscles, and joints working simultaneously to keep your body afloat or balanced as you’re standing on that one foot. This is great exercise work for those arches of the feet. The next thing you can do is to get orthotics for inside of your air jordan 3 iii retro cdp countdown pack footwear. Now, of course you can get over the counter orthotics, which are okay, but they really don’t usually do as good as custom fit orthotics. Visit your chiropractor, who specializes in feet, and get custom orthotics made for your shoes. What they’ll do is, they’ll make an imprint or a mold of your foot air jordan 3 iii retro pure money white metallic silver using a foam mold, and they’re going to then create an air jordan 4 iv retro black cat black black light graphite orthotic that’s like a blueprint to your foot. Nobody else’s foot will fit your orthotic like yours does. So, these orthotics are in your shoes, whether you wear flat shoes or slight heel, it’s going to help support your foot when you stand and walk, and really help to maintain those arches. But, the main thing that’s going to correct the arches in your feet, and this is the best choice for you, remember we told you that the 26 bones of the foot lose their healthy alignment? Nothing is going to put those bones back into perfect position or proper alignment except for specific adjustments to those foot bones. So, you want to find a chiropractor who has specific training in adjusting the foot and ankle area. That’s going to help to improve the range of motion, strength, and flexibility, and help to improve these arches of your air jordan 8 bugs bunny retro 2013 feet once and for all. Again, my name is Dr.

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