24 Mar 2015

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There are a zillion fall marathons to choose from, but there aren’t as many choices for spring or summer. This means that many runners are staying close to home, running local races. Having a race on the calendar helps get us out the door, especially on those 100 degree days and keeps us “race ready.” There are many perks to running a local race there are no travel expenses, you don’t need to take days off from work, you get to sleep in your own bed, and you might get to run with your friends and training partners. An added bonus is that you are supporting your local running community.

Even for the races that start in our neighborhood, we need gear. Let’s face it runners love gear. Oh yeah, we brag about how all we need is a pair of shoes (and yes, maybe a few items of clothing), but really, we need our stuff. And since runners are a bit persnickety about preparation, even for a local race of a short distance, here’s a checklist you can use to prepare for race day. After checking the weather a million times, I set air jordan 3 iii retro white cement grey fire red out everything I am going to wear the night before. I pack a small back pack for the items I’ll need after the race and place it right next to my clothing. Race air jordan 1 retro stealth royal red morning, all I need to do is roll out of bed, slide into my clothes, grab the backpack and head out the door.

Attention, runners gearing up for Saturday’s American River Parkway Half Marathon: Bring your bib number from that race out to the Fair Oaks Sun Run (5 miler) on Sunday and air jordan 3 iii retro 2001 black cement grey you can register for that race at the reduced rate aOlernKienOP air jordan 5 v retro black metallic silver fire red Elevator Shoes of $25. (Consider it a, uh, recovery race run, one with four significant hills.)

I’ve wanted to run that Fair Oaks course since I’ve moved tot he area, but it seems as if I alays have an out of town race that weekend. But I aOlernKienOP air jordan 6 toro infrared 23 black infrared 23 5 Supposedly Fun Activities love the Old Town Fair Oaks section of the CIM course, and I’m told the course features the most hills of any (road) race in the area.

Besides, they’ve got a great logo the trotting chicken and a race director with a sense of whimsy, as evidenced by this message posted on the race website: “Disclaimer: No chickens have been injured as a result of this event as far as we know with the exception of the Race Director who insists on wearing his chicken outfit and then taking a face plant while attempting to run with the kids!”The presence of carbohydrate in the mouth can immediately improve physical performance. How this occurs is not well understood. Here we used transcranial magnetic stimulation of primary motor cortex (M1) to investigate the effects of non sweet carbohydrate on corticomotor excitability and voluntary force production. In Experiment aOlernKienOP air jordan shoes 9 retro black white Nike to Pay Compensation to Honduran F 1, 16 participants performed a fatiguing isometric elbow flexion exercise for 30 minutes, and MEPs were recorded from the biceps brachii during maximal voluntary force (MVF) produced every two minutes. After 11 minutes participants drank a carbohydrate solution (CHO) or an energy free placebo solution (PLA), in a double blind, cross over protocol. MEP amplitude increased by 30%, and Air Jordan 4s MVF increased by 2%, aOlernKienOP air jordan 3 retro wolf grey Mizuno Wave Ascend 8 Trail Running Shoe Review immediately after carbohydrate ingestion. There was no relationship between the facilitation of MEP amplitude and plasma glucose or magnitude of fatigue. In a control experiment, 17 participants alternately mouth rinsed CHO and PLA, in a randomized, double blind protocol. Motor evoked potentials (MEPs) were recorded from right first dorsal interosseous at rest or during isometric contraction. MEP amplitude increased by 9% with CHO, when the muscle was voluntarily activated. In both experiments, there were no effects on silent period duration, indicating that MEP facilitation was not due to reduced inhibition within M1. This is the first demonstration that carbohydrate in the mouth immediately increases the excitability of the corticomotor pathway, prior to its ingestion. Afference from oral receptors is integrated with descending motor output, perhaps via nuclei in the brainstem. This novel form of sensorimotor integration facilitates corticomotor output to both fatigued and fresh muscle.

Don’t know about you, but a laser sighted .380 Ruger pistol is not something I take with me on runs. Cytomax? Yup. GU? Of air jordan 13 xiii retro white neutral grey course. Identification? Sure.

But Texas Gov. Rick Perry reportedly lugs a concealed weapon in his shorts the aforementioned high powered gun. Ah, Texas. Gotta love it.

Anyway, a coyote that threatened Perry and his dog while they were out on a morning run in February near Austin was on the wrong end of the gun. Talk about hitting the wall. That coyote literally died on the course.

Personally, I’ve seen Coyotes while air jordan 11 legend blue white black legend blue running on the American River Parkway Trail in Sacramento and never felt the need or even slightly compelled to blow it away aOlernKienOP air jordan 18 white red Giving the Perfect Gift and, to quote Perry, “send it where coyotes go.” Mostly, the coyotes I’ve encountered skitter away when aOlernKienOP Air Jordan 19s How to Accessorize a Navy Dress they see you.

But those must be mellow, Califorinia coyotes. In Texas, they must be really bad ass.

AUSTIN, Texas Pistol packing Texas Gov. Rick Perry has a message for wily coyotes out there: Don’t mess with my dog.

Perry told The Associated Press on Tuesday he needed just one shot from the laser sighted pistol he sometimes carries while jogging to take down a coyote aOlernKienOP air jordan 2010 xxv black varsity red red Running Norwich’s Race for Life t that menaced his puppy during a February aOlernKienOP air jordan 11 university blue white black 2014 The Country Club of Jackson run near Austin.

Perry said he will carry his .380 Ruger loaded with hollow point bullets when jogging on trails because he is afraid of snakes. He’d also seen coyotes in the undeveloped area.

When one came out of the brush toward his daughter’s Labrador retriever, Perry charged.

“Don’t attack my dog or you might get shot . if you’re a coyote,” he said Tuesday.

Perry, a Republican running for a third full term against Democrat Bill White, is living in a private house in a hilly area southwest of downtown Austin while the Governor’s Mansion is being repaired after a 2008 fire. A concealed handgun permit holder, Perry carries the pistol in a belt.

“I knew there were a lot of predators out there. You’ll hear a pack of coyotes. People are losing small cats air jordan 6 toro infrared 23 black infrared 23 and dogs all the time out there in that community,” Perry said.

“They’re very wily creatures.”

On this particular morning, Perry said, aOlernKienOP air jordan spizike stealth black Rhinos induct five into hall of fame he was jogging without his air jordan 6 white sport blue black security detail shortly after sunrise.

“I’m enjoying the run when something catches my eye and it’s this coyote. I know he knows I’m there. He never looks at me, he is laser locked on that dog,” Perry said.

“I holler and the coyote stopped. I holler again. By this time I had taken my weapon out and charged it. It is now staring dead at me. Either me aOlernKienOP Air Jordan 2011 crazy Scots buy gorgeous pairs even if they’re ago ony to w or the dog are in imminent danger. I did the appropriate thing and sent it to where coyotes go,” he said.

Perry said the laser pointer helped make a quick, clean kill.

“It was not in a lot of pain,” he said. “It pretty much went down at that particular juncture.”

Here’s a recent Tweet from “Trying to Qualify,” a Portland runner air jordan 4 iv retro 1999 black cement grey who’ll be at Sunday’s Eugene Marathon.

I share this because it’s so true. That’s so Air Jordan 23s me. I was off the charts this morning when I had to take one of my kids to a doctor’s appointment. That waiting room was absolutely a teeming mass of germs.

I really believe the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders needs to add a section on taper hypochondria for marathon runners.

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