24 Mar 2015

air jordan 14 retro black red Storage Ideas for a Playroom

If you find yourself constantly air jordan 14 retro black red stumbling over things in your child’s playroom or feeling like you just don’t have enough space for anything, you might want to look for some storage solutions. The key to effective playroom organization is maintaining a consistent place for Air Jordan 10 436206 101 everything that’s convenient for parent and child. Most of the time this means that toys, games and books are visible so you know what you have. Divide the playroom into areas for specific activities, such as reading, rug play and drawing/writing.

If you have tons of air jordan fusion 4 black varsity red stealth tiny blocks, toy cars or doll clothing and accessories, having a pull out drawer and bin system comes in handy. These bin systems allow you to store tiny and “miscellaneous” items in their very own spots; this way you never have to sort through the toy soldiers to find a doll’s high heel pump.

You can color code and label the bins as well, which helps younger kids to identify the word with its respective object. This storage option also allows you to line up, stack or easily relocate items. Many styles come on caster wheels. Bins come in a variety of materials and colors, but clear plastic bins typically work well so you can see the contents. For something more attractive than a plastic frame, look for stores that sell wooden systems with clear bins.

For portable toys, art supplies and other goodies, you can repurpose storage typically found in the home. Old VHS boxes, diaper wipe dispensers and shoe boxes all provide homes for items that get moved frequently, like crayons, pencils, glue, scissors and craft and sewing supplies. If you’re cringing at how unattractive these options look, make it a project for you and your little air jordan xx3 black red stealth one to decorate these boxes. Finger paint, color or decoupage for some cheery storage solutions.

For larger items that are seasonal or used less frequently, go to hat boxes, straw boxes and plain old cardboard. Though the cardboard boxes can give a cluttered look, you can glue some wrapping, tissue or even newspaper over them for air jordan 6 game royal 2014 women size an eye catching pattern. Take your color scheme into consideration when doing this. They can be effective accent pieces. A jumble of toys and odds and ends can be neatly stored.

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