23 Mar 2015

Nike KD 7 but if accessing it from below is not possible

Whether you are remodeling or simply replacing an old plumbing fixture, a very essential step is disconnecting the drain. Fortunately plumbing fixtures today use very similar style drain Nike KD 7 connections. Each sink has a tailpiece that extends from its Air Jordan 14s underside. Connected to Air Jordan Spizike the tailpiece is either a P shaped trap, called a P trap, or a short extension of pipe traveling to a P trap. All of these parts are connected with large slip Air Jordan 12s nuts, sometimes plastic and sometimes metal. They are called slip nuts because they are hollow in their centers, allowing pipes to slip through them. Bathtubs, showers and toilets have similar components for draining referred to by different names.

Turn the slip nut at the bottom of the tailpiece of a bathtub counterclockwise until fully loosened using the adjustable pliers. This tailpiece, called an overflow tube, sticks straight down from the overflow. It will be easier to do this from below the drain; but if accessing it from below is not possible, access it from the other side of the wall closest to the Air Jordan 20s drain. The tub drain, called the shoe tube, ties into the overflow tube. The slip nut to be loosened will be below the place where the shoe tube connects to the overflow tube.

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