23 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 7s but you’ll feel the cranks better too

Hi, I’m Leigh Ramsdell with Eastern Bikes, and we’re going to talk about tips for BMX shoes. One of the important parts of your shoes we’re going to start off with is the soles. There’s all kinds of different soles in BMX shoes. You just want to make sure the shoe will grip your pedal. You do not want anything like a running shoe, or, see Air Jordan 7s how there’s no place for your pedal to actually grip. So, you don’t want a running shoe. You can notice all the different types of soles, but they all have little areas where you’ll be able to grip the pedal. Another preference is the, the style of Jordan Winterized 6 Rings the sole. Some soles are real flexy, while others are quite stiff. That’s another personal preference. Some people want a lot of support and they’ll go with a stiff sole, some people want a little less support, but they want to feel their pedal, and that’s why you go with a flimsier sole like this. And another thing you want to look for is your ankle pad. This shoe here doesn’t offer a lot, but it’s light on your feet, you just, you feel everything better, but you’ll feel the cranks better too, if they hit you in the ankle. This one’s thicker, it offers a lot more support. Also, in the tongue. Everything around, around the shoe is a lot beefier, the tongue’s padded, whereas this one very thing tongue. And just the overall construction of the shoe, you want to look at. Just look at the threads, make sure there’s no loose ends that, that can get caught up on, on anything while you’re doing a trick or even sliding down a ramp if you’re bailing, you just want Air Jordan 10s to make sure it’s going to hold up. You can also, when you, when you get a shoe, you can check your insole, some insoles are padded more than others, so when you, Nike Air Foamposite One when you land hard, it, it’ll take some of that impact out. Some of ’em, insoles, they’re built inside here, a lot of times you might not even be able to see it, you’ll have to read the packaging to see if it has a cushioned air sole. So, you can see right here, that kind of indicates that there’s a cushioned air sole in there. And as you can Air Jordan 13s see, we have a few used pairs of shoes here. These have taken the beating. Things that wear out fast in shoes, if you’re a brakeless rider, you’re going to wear out the soles bad, just real quick by just putting your foot down. The sides will wear out from just rubbing against a tire, or just from cranks hitting it. Shoes don’t last forever, but the important part is just finding the right pair that, that will last you the longest amount of time. There’s a lot of shoes out there, and a lot of choices. A lot of people will buy a shoe just because of the way it looks, but check it out and make sure it’s going to hold up to the abuse of BMX bike riding. I’m Leigh Ramsdell with Eastern Bikes, and that’s tips for BMX shoes.

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