23 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 4s in addition to the variety of widths available

PORT WASHINGTON, Wis. Allen Edmonds Shoe Corporation announced today the company is introducing a new line of casual comfort footwear, unlike anything available in the footwear marketplace and made in the USA. The new Casual Comfort Collection Air Jordan 4s represents a significant change for the company, a departure from the traditional wing tips and cap toes for which Allen Edmonds is renowned.What hasn’t changed is the company’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship, made in America. The industry is already buzzing about the new line of footwear in anticipation of the Casual Comfort Collection unveiling Air Jordan DMP this weekend at the New York Collective, one of the fashion industry’s premiere trade shows presenting a juried roster of men’s apparel, accessories and footwear in New York City.The Allen Edmonds Casual Comfort Collection will be available nationwide and online in the fall of 2006. Using more than 80 years experience in handcrafting footwear in the United States, the new collection is designed to meet customers’ changing lifestyle needs for casual, comfortable footwear.”At Allen Edmonds, we’re changing to meet our customers’ needs and fit their diverse lifestyles. What remains unchanged is our commitment to quality, comfort and style. Now Allen Edmonds enthusiasts can wear our shoes seven days a week. And for the younger set who might not already own a pair of Allen Nike LeBron 12 Edmonds, the Casual Comfort Collection offers a great opportunity to enjoy the Allen Edmonds experience for the first time,” Allen Edmonds President and CEO John Stollenwerk said.Today, 95 percent of all American footwear is imported. manufacturing facilities. Allen Edmonds Director of Product Development Michael Rancourt researched, developed and designed the new casual comfort shoes. Allen Edmonds handcrafts all of its handsewn shoes at the Lewiston plant, where styles range from dress to Nike KD 7 casual. Quality Made in USA: The shoes are made from the finest calfskin in the world. The construction process that follows is unparalleled. Not a single stitch is overlooked. No detail is too small because that’s what it takes to carry the Allen Edmonds name. Comfort: Long lasting comfort starts from the bottom up with rubber soles that absorb shock. The shoes flex naturally with the movement of your feet. Two inner soles combine to provide superior comfort and cushioning. The first inner sole is built right into the shoe. The second is a removable footbed complete with cushion that molds to the shape of your foot. A wider toe box, combined with the soft, flexible leather, in addition to the variety of widths available, provide the perfect fit for any man’s foot. Style: Designed with customers’ lifestyles and preferences in mind, these shoes provide comfort AND style. Allen Edmonds casual comfort shoes carry men through the work week straight through the weekend.Founded in 1922, Allen Edmonds Shoe Air Jordan 15s Corporation manufactures and markets premium men’s footwear, accessories and cedar products using the philosophy of quality, service and integrity. Taking shoemaking to the level of an art form, each pair of Allen Edmonds shoes is handcrafted in a process that includes over 200 production steps.

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