23 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 3s Jon Steele lives in Alpharetta

Whether you are a do it yourselfer or own a small roofing business, you have to be safety Air Jordan 3s conscious at all times. A roof can be a dangerous place and the fall is unforgiving. As a homeowner saving money should never be at the expense of safety. As an employer it will cost more to pay the hospital than to buy the proper equipment.

The price you pay for the equipment is minimal compared to what could happen to you. Read on to find out how to stay safe on a roof.

1. Always use a sturdy extension ladder. Buy or rent one that is long enough to reach at least 3ft beyond the roof. Fiberglass is heavier than aluminum but they provide you with the best protection. How many times will you touch a power line is anybody’s guess. Air Jordan 6 Rings Make sure you set the ladder in a spot where it is firm and not tilted. If the ground is uneven use plywood to level out the surface. Tie off he top of the Air Jordan 1s ladder to an immovable anchor point.

2. Leaving the safety of the ladder is a bit precarious and Air Jordan 4s getting back onto is even more so the best thing to do is to keep your hands free. Use a bucket and pulley system to bring items up and Air Jordan 17s down. The reason you want a ladder that is at least 3ft higher than the roof is so that you can have something to hang onto during the transition.

3. There is no replacement for using common sense if the roof looks too steep and you are not experienced hire a professional.

4. Never go on the roof when it’s raining, snowing or in high winds. This is a recipe for disaster.

5. Wear shoes with traction soles. Soft rubber works great but make sure your soles are free of mud. Keep the roof cleaned of debris at all times. Even a pebble can be a hazard at this height.

6. Place roof brackets liberally along the eaves, these will serve as a guard that will stop you from falling of the roof.

Taking practical safety steps will ensure that you live to tell about you roofing adventure. For more detailed information you can go online or talk with a seasoned professional about your concerns. One final thought if you are going to be working on the roof keep abreast of the weather conditions. In some areas what started as a bright sunny day could change in the blink of an eye. If this happens get off the roof immediately.

Jon Steele lives in Alpharetta, Georgia with his wife and three children. He is a metal deck expert who speaks publicly around the world. While many of his speeches revolve around steel decking construction structures, he also gives speeches on leadership and management improvement.

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