23 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 2011 How to Properly clean a pair of Vans sneakers

How to Properly clean a Air Jordan 2011 pair of Vans sneakers

This is a video by CrazyGamer about how to clean a pair of Vans. You’ll need three things, you will need a old toothbrush you aren’t going to use any more, a cup filled with water as hot as the sink will get it and some liquid soap. Put some soap in the cup and stir with the toothbrush, be careful not to add too much. The first thing you want to do he says is to take out the laces and set them aside. Dip the toothbrush in the soapy water, make sure to tap it against the side of the cup to knock off excess water. Take the tooth brush, starting with the trim, make circler scrubbing motions all along the trim. Make sure to wipe with a rag. After you’re done with the trim dip your toothbrush back in the and repeat the same as before the trim cleaning. If the tongue needs cleaning Jordan 10 Retro then go ahead and do it now he says, if not move on to the main body of the shoe. You’ll Air Jordan 6 Rings want to do round motions here as well. Once your done with that get a hair drier and blow dry the the show high, making sure to keep the drier moving so you don’t burn the Air Jordan 2s shoe. If you follow this guide he says your shoes will be clean as new!

In video series, learn how to paint and customize your own pair of sneakers. Our expert, Raymond Sosa, shows you everything you need to know to make these creations. Learn the best paint to use. Also, learn tips for creating detail and patterns.

Part 1 of 14 How to Paint decorate sneakers.

Paint decorate sneakers Part 2 of 14.

In this 3 part video, Chris White shows you how you can take an old pair of boxer briefs, make a pattern for new boxer briefs, and then create an entirely new one. You need some tools, and materials, including elastic, sewing machine with zigzag, serger, stretch fabric, pattern paper, scissors, thread, pins, rulers, and a pencil. Save some dough and make your own underwear that actually fits properly!

Part 1 of 3 How to Create boxer briefs using an old pair as a pattern.

Part 2 of 3 How to Air Jordan 17s Create boxer briefs using an old pair as a pattern.

Part 3 of 3 How to Create boxer briefs.

The simplest and most fun way of customizing your Converse sneakers to reflect your personality is to lace them all fancy like. Whether you love pink laces or emo black ones, choose two of your favorite shoelace colors and check out this fashion DIY tutorial to learn how to tie your Converse shoe with two laces per shoe.

The design is eye catching, unique, and even doable by the worst of butterfingers. Pair your shoes with skinny jeans and an oversized bohemian top and you be good to go for a day out shopping with your gal pals!.

Swarovski crystals don need to be confined to delicate jewelry pieces and Victoria Secret Fashion Show bras! These little jewels are expensive than their cheaper plastic rhinestone brothers, but so worth it. Multifaceted, these Swarovski crystals glow like real diamonds and and a gorgeous sheen to any craft project.

Watch this tutorial to see how to festoon your plain old sneakers with a cluster of Swarovski diamonds (arranged in any pattern you like). Supplies needed are listed at the beginning of the video.

Converse sneakers are like the LBDs of our shoe wardrobe. And that why we don feel too original strolling down our college campus with the same black and white Chucks that every other girl has also got on. But you shouldn sacrifice your Chucks for far more uncomfortable and pinching! flats or kitten heels just so you can stand out.

Customize what you already got by lacing your Chucks in this cutesy, girly style. Two laces one pink and one blue adorn your sneakers with a bow on each side of your foot.

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