23 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 13s shoelaces lace into shoes

Forming a star with shoelaces is one way to add a decorative flair to your shoes without adding any embellishments or changing the color of the laces. This six pointed star is not difficult to learn once you get the technique down. You may want to make the star several times on the same shoe until you can get the laces to come out even. The only problem with this Air Jordan 13s method of lacing is that the shoe sits loosely on the foot. However, for shoes that you take off and put on frequently, it is an Air Jordan 19s ideal Air Jordan 17s lacing method.

How to Make Stars Air Jordan 3 Retro With Shoe Laces

A six pointed star is made from a combination of two equilateral triangles, which are triangles that have sides of the Air Jordan 16s same length. Sometimes called shoestrings, shoelaces lace into shoes, sneakers and boots for securing the foot covering. These allow the wearer to tighten.

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