23 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 13 but he was also met by protesters However

Tony Blair had to dodge eggs and shoes at his first public signing of his new memoir. The former British Prime Minister, signed hundreds of books in Ireland on Saturday, but he Air Jordan 13 was also met by protesters. However, the book and its success has brought out the angry masses of people who disagreed with his policies while he was prime minister. Especially galling is the Iraq war invasion in 2003.

Thankfully Blair was not hit by any of the objects that were thrown at him as he arrived at the bookstore in Dublin. However, there Air Jordan 11s was a flip flop on the room Air Jordan 6s of one of the cars in the motorcade. The book buyers outnumbered the protesters about two to one according to Yahoo News amid tight security.

Those waiting for an autograph had Air Jordan 12s to leave their bags and mobile phones with security before they entered the bookstore.

It sounds like the entire protest turned into a huge debacle that ended in riot police having to come and remove the protestors from the path of a security van. Four men were even arrested during the two hour signing. The protest actually moved to the police station after Blair left the bookstore.

Seriously, Blair is a human being and a good public servant. He did not deserve this type of inhumane treatment. If Air Jordan 2010 people wanted to protest that is one thing, but do so in a civil manner. To throw things and be so incredibly disruptive is embarrassing as well as completely unacceptable behavior for educated, civilized society.

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