23 Mar 2015

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Do you feel nervous if you have to shake hands at a meeting? Do you have to carry extra shirts to the office? Do you look for excuses to refrain from removing your shoes? If so, is it because you sweat excessively from your hands, feet, or underarms? Just because you suffer from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) there is no need to feel so embarrassed or nervous. There are millions of people just like you suffering from the same condition.

Yes, it is truly an annoying condition. The sweating is uncontrollable, erratic, and unpredictable. Your excessive sweating can make you feel uncomfortable and create an unpleasant odor. You have to take extra care to keep yourself dry and comfortable.

Sweating is a natural process. Sweating keeps your Air Jordan 12s body cool. The sympathetic nervous system helps control your body temperature. Air Jordan 4s When the nervous system detects an increase in your body temperature KOBE 9 beyond normal levels, it sends a signal to the sweat glands to become productive. These glands produce sweat. There are more than five million sweat glands throughout your body and around two thirds of them are in your hands.

The sympathetic nerves initiate sweating. When sweat is released, it evaporates and cools your body. This lowers your body temperature. Some people sweat excessively even under normal circumstances. Sometimes these nerves become overcharged for no apparent reason and cause the sweat glands to release more sweat. Air Jordan 9s Exactly why this happens is still unknown at this time, although researchers do not rule out genetic causes. Since the sympathetic nervous Jordan 8 Retro system operates on its own, reducing the amount of sweat produced may not be possible.

There can be many factors for such excessive sweating. If on medication and drugs, you may sweat excessively. Some ailments like cancer or thyroid diseases can lead to excessive sweating. You may sweat a lot if you are anxious or nervous. Excessive sweating may not immediately mean hyperhidrosis.

Before going for any hyperhidrosis treatment, consult your medical professional and be sure you understand the cause of your excessive sweating. Your medical professional can rule out any other possible causes for excessive sweating. Once sure you are otherwise healthy, you can look for remedies to control your excessive sweating.

You may feel helpless when your sweating starts. You may also be embarrassed to talk about your hyperhidrosis. The problem with hyperhidrosis is that you cannot hide your sweating. You may avoid social activities because of your condition. You need not become desperate or overanxious if you have symptoms of hyperhidrosis. There are many treatments, remedies, and natural cures available.

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