23 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 10s clipless bike shoes

I attached the straps with 3 mm machine screws.

I was inspired to make these shoes on my ride home one evening when I witnessed a beautiful woman riding in high heels along Market Street in San Francisco. True to form, I Air Jordan 10s will acknowledge that I noticed the sexy handmade bike before the woman, and what was (perhaps, unfortunately) most noteworthy to me was how awkward the connection was between the pedals and the shoes.

Having recently built up a bike for my beloved, I was immediately taken with idea of making high heels with a clipless cleat. I had been keen to build a pair shoes for a while and the curves of a high heel shoe seemed like an inviting challenge.

Indeed, it was a challenge. The project spanned about 18 months, and sadly, outlived my relationship. No woman would be wearing these for any extended period on the bike. Women who commute typically do not ride very hard to get from point a to point b. (Mainly because we don’t want to show up soaked in sweat). I certainly wouldn’t wear these if I were commuting 10 20 miles every day. But riding around a Air Jordan 1 Retro city . . . I definitely want.

Laura D3 years agoReply

Nice work on the shoes, Corwin!

I also made a pair of my pumps into cleated pumps several years ago, but Nike LeBron 11 mine were Air Jordan 23s much simpler. Sacrificing a pair of existing pumps I had, my husband helped me drill through the bottom of the shoe, then we re enforced the soles at the ball of the foot with Specialized footbed shims, and screwed the cleats into the inside of a Shimano shoe plate.

I tried Time, Shimano SPD, and Crank Brothers cleats and pedals, and I find the Crank Brothers Air Jordan 15s pontoon cleats work best for both walking stability and ease of clip in/clip out.

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