21 Mar 2015

Nike LeBron 12 Farrier Schools in the Southeast

Shoeing horses is a trade that can lead to a long and Nike LeBron 12 profitable career. A good farrier, or horseshoeing specialist, can regulate her own hours, work load and clientele. A qualified farrier can make horseshoes as well as diagnose gait problems and prescribe proper corrective shoes. Gaining a good shoeing reputation in the equine world requires specific skills Air Jordan 11s and knowledge that are best acquired in a farrier school. Steeped in equestrian tradition, Texas has a number of farrier schools offering different teaching styles and courses.

The , located 33 miles east of Dallas, offers three levels of courses designed for different schedules and budgets. The 80 hour course covers the basics of applying ready made shoes, as well as a dissection class to help students understand Jordan Retro 8 the anatomy of a horse’s leg. The 240 hour course delves more into pathological issues in horses and diagnostic theory. At the top of the tier is the 240 hour course, which includes a two week period in which each student is assigned a horse with special needs and challenged to prescribe and apply the proper shoes. Founded by master farrier Frank Cadena, C Horse places an emphasis on forging specialty and corrective shoes for horses of all disciplines, including jumper, hunter and dressage. Classes in metallurgy, toolmaking and techniques for safely restraining uncooperative horses are included in the course. Cadena is bilingual to accommodate Spanish speaking students and, as Cadena notes Air Jordan DMP on his website, women are especially welcomed.

C Horse Forge School of Horseshoeing

7016 Fm 1833

Robstown, TX 78380

Farrier Schools in the Nike LeBron 11 Southeast

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A farrier is a person who fits horses for shoes, trims hooves and works with horses in regard to proper hoof care. Farriers.

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The administrators of the farrier school will give you a list of the items you will need. Related Searches. References. Rural Heritage:.

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