21 Mar 2015

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Traditional Bow Knot

A bow knot consists of two half knots tied one top of the other. Tying right over left results in a secure knot known as a square knot or reef knot. Reversing this to tie left over right results in a granny knot, which is notoriously insecure and comes untied very easily. If your bow lies across the arch of your foot from left to right, it is probably a square knot; if it lies from toe to ankle, it is most likely a granny knot and Jordan Winterized 6 Rings you’ll be retying it soon. My sister taught me to tie my shoes. I don’t know who taught her the bunny ear method, but that’s what she showed me, and that’s what I still use. Imagine my surprise to learn that she now ties her shoes using a traditional bow knot!

Bunny ears, like the traditional method, can result in a secure square or reef knot, or in the granny knot that comes untied all too easily. The secret is to make the first knot (the criss cross on the shoe) in one direction, and the bow knot (the criss cross loops) in the opposite direction, so that the crossing laces balance each other.

So How Do You Tie Your Shoes? And why Air Jordan 2011 do you prefer it?anonymous 3 months ago

Bunny ears that’s how I learned it from my dad who still does it like that.

anonymous 12 months ago

Great article! But there is a good alternative how to easily teach kids. This is Shoosey! Very interesting device that every child will fall in love into.

Joan4 3 years ago

I have never thought much about how I tie my shoes, but looking at your examples, I think I use the bunny ears method.

Bunny ears Air Jordan 16s are easier to learn, simpler to tie, and result in a secure bow knot!

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Dianne Loomos 3 years ago

Who knew there were so many ways to tie shoes? I don’t know which method I use. I just do it!

Joan4 3 years ago

A few years ago my Air Jordan 17s husband learned a new way to tie his shoes. I need to watch him and decide the name of his technique.

SusanDeppner 3 years Nike LeBron 11 ago from Arkansas USA Level 7 Commenter

I do a reef knot except that I wrap it around twice. Works perfectly and does NOT come loose except when you want it to. I learned that when I was a Cub Scout leader. Believe it or knot, err, not, I’ve never heard of the bunny ear method!

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