21 Mar 2015

Jordan 2 Retro Lucky for me that I had queued behind her I thought

How I save with Famous footwear promo codesIf like me you have an Jordan 2 Retro active family then chances are they are always in need of the latest sneakers for sports, for gym class, shoes for school and even dance class.

My two kids are at that age where their feet seem to be growing at a rapid pace. Jake is going to be like his father at least a size 10 and Jessica is more like me they are great kids. They both have a bunch of friends all sporting the latest designer sneakers.

Shopping for shoes was just one of those essential trips that i always dreaded and would delay until i had to. I hated having to get up early on a saturday morning to head to the mall and search for shoes for the kids, for me and my husband.

Thats when a girfriend of mine told me about Famous Footwear. She told me that for the last few years she purchased all her families shoes on line and got some great deals without having to leave the house.

I have used the internet to buy from Ebay and the occasional home delivery in the past but I never imagined I could do the same for shoes. So being skeptical I asked my girlfriend where the nearest branch of Famous footwear was and we went to check it out.

My picture credits and links from Famous Footwear promo code

A huge range of shoes in every shape, size and style.

We arrived at Famous Footwear and I was immediately impressed by the size of the store Air Jordan 2011 and the range of shoes on offer, I was use to shopping at one store for Jess and another for her dad etc but know I could buy eveything in one place. It had taken us under an hour to drive to our local famous footwear store and I was going to make sure it was worth the trip. I started with a hand basket but soon realisd dwith all the bargains I was going to need a cart.

Checking out the customer infront of me had selected all the bargains but also had coupons and my eyes must have lit up and when I saw the discout she was getting I was speechless. I paid for my goods and was determined to ask this savy shopper where she found her coupons and was surprised to hear that she printed them off at home.

She told me whilst loading all her purchases into the car that normally she shops online and use’s the promotional codes found on coupon websites to secure a hefty discount. This visit to the store was because her daughter wanted to pick her own shoes as her feet have grown since the last purchase. She also told me that the staff at Famous Footwear are so helpful they measured her daughters feet and helped her find the perfect fitting shoes for a rather fussy nine year old.

Lucky for me that I had queued behind her I thought! Thanking her with a beaming smile and could not wait to get home to share my bargain purchase’s with my family and start hunting for coupons for my next shopping spree.

Designer shoes and trainers for the whole familySo impressed with my recent purchases my hubby decided it was going to be his role to find the coupon codes, much Air Jordan 6s to my relief as I really Nike LeBron 12 hate searching through myriads of webpages to find what I am looking for especially when there is laundry to be done.

So whilst I began the laundry Jason searched the net (as he calls it) much to my surprise no more than a few minutes went by and it was done. No not the laundry that takes all day but Jas had found the latest coupon codes and we could happily shop online or in store during April and secure a great discount and even some months free shipping.

Thrilled I knew that i would soon be browsing the Famous Footwear website for some great deals and getting the family shoes delivered freeing up my Saturday mornings once and for all.

Buying onlineDo you looking for coupons and promo codes when shopping?

Almost six months later and I have placed several orders online I have secured discount ranging from 10 30% and even got free shipping on one occassion. Lucky for me I have a family that comes first otherwise I would have a closet full of designer shoes. I do however manage to buy the odd pair of dress shoes for myself, normally hiding these under the bed until the perfect occasion arrives.

Looking back use to spend hours in the mall on a saturday morning trying to find shoes that did not pinch or the right size and color for my kids. Now it’s so much easier I can print out a shoe size chart online and measure the kids feet each time i purchase and sometimes the kids even pick their own shoes.

If there’s a problem when the order arrives maybe the size or style is not quite right returning them is simple. 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction is what the company boast. Well Famous Footwear I would say more like 110% from the Harrison family.

I just Air Jordan 16s adore Famous Footwear shoes for the whole family but what I like best of all is getting a bargain and the promo codes that I get here are the best we have found. The latest discounts and savings and I can even conect with my facebook page. So I am on a mission to share my experience of shopping for shoes online and my love of Famous Footwear promo code for discounts on all my families shoes.

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