21 Mar 2015

Jordan 10 Retro and forms a major part of your outfit

Obviously they also have to look good! As long as your boots have all of the above, even a small heel should be manageable. We can’t stress enough the importance of a thick sole. Thinner soled shoes will simply freeze leaving you with little or no grip.

If you go for wellies then get a fun and funky pair that will keep your outfit looking fresh, it’s also worth considering wide calf boots. Jordan 10 Retro They leave you more room for tucking in your trousers!

If you’re really set on wearing some less than grippy shoes then it could be worth investing in some slip on crampons. They’re easy to attach to your shoes and don’t Air Jordan Fusion 5 change the look too much!

Next up is the jacket, it’s key to keeping your body warm, and forms a major part of your outfit! We prefer a good, thick wool jacket with an umbrella to a waterproof. It all depends how on trend you want to be! Opt for a long jacket, preferably with a hood that comes down past your hips. This allows it to cover the tops of your legs as well as covering the join between top and Air Jordan 10 trousers/ Air Jordan 14s skirt.

Capes are popular this year; the advantage is Air Jordan 8s that you can cross your arms inside them to keep warm. However, they do let in a lot of wind so it’s down to how warm your layers are underneath!

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