21 Mar 2015

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UA goods features mostly on its professional function. Plank was a athlete before however instead of a famous star, he was a normal player in a football team in the University of Maryland. Plank told us that he was almost the most sweating player in the team, however, the sports clothes made of otton were too hard to keep us comfortable after sweating and it affected athletes’ performance. He made up his mind then to look for Air Jordan Women Size a kind of material good in sweat absorbent and found a sports goods brand good for athletes performance. UA designed the moisture wicking series of tight and quick drying sportswear and which was later followed by Nike, Reebok and other companies

Standing out in a lot of sports brands in America then when channel and other resources were not yet advanced, UA products were chased by especially professional athletes and young person.

Plank says he will remain the DNA of this brand in China. Our products attract so much for those persons who dream to improve their performance as well as win the game. The idea UA spread in china is that athletes are not only those persons in the arena and every person can be a athletes.

Large scale of brand entering into China will face risk since Chinese market is not mature enough now to make professional and subdivided brands develop well. Chinese consumer attitude has not evolved to the stage of being concerned more about product itself. A people working in a local sporting goods company tells us that it may develop if it reply on good channel businessman.

We do not have a plan to open around one hundred shops in China next year. Plank does not open Chinese market in a hurry. Correspondingly, UA considers the target consumer ranging from 12 to 25 years old young persons who will be the most important customers in the society Air Jordan 5s 10 years later. How to have consumers only shopped UA even if they are Jordan Pro Strong going through other sports brand shops. We should not open shops blindly unless we know it clearly.

The general manager of UA in China Majin Yao tells us that the sales growth rate reaches to 300% compared to it was six months ago when it was opened as the first UA shop in Guanghui square. Someone inside UA company tells us that the monthly sales of this shop is about 300,000 Yuan even though it is just a small store having less than 30 square meters area and its Air Jordan 6s sales per square meter is higher than the Air Jordan 9s average figure in this industry.

There will be three to five shops being open by UA in Shanghai and Beijing in 2012. Being similar to the first store in choosing its shop address, the early UA stores will be selected in the commercial landmark building in major cities in order to reach more customers directly.

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