21 Mar 2015

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You are probably looking at the heading and thinking to yourself why. Why should I show gratitude when I am struggling to pay my mortgage, not sure if my job is secure and generally my life sucks?

The answer Air Jordan Spizike is simple! Because today, we have more to Air Jordan 2010 be grateful for than at any other time. But we have lost the ability to recognise this fact.

My father told me when he was a boy growing up in Liverpool Air Jordan 8s in the 1920’s, he often went to school with children who where so poor they didn’t have any shoes on their feet.

How often do you see kids in school these days without any shoes? Never!

Are they grateful for the fact? Well the truth is they are probably more concerned whether they are the right designer label than to be grateful.

Do you have a roof over your head at the moment?

It might not be your roof, it might not be a place where you want to live, but it is there keeping you and your family dry and safe.

How many families in Haiti can say the same? How grateful do you think they would be for a roof over their heads tonight, or maybe a meal to eat with Air Jordan 12s their family, or maybe just to have their family around them again.

We have so much to be grateful for without even realising it. We have simply become so self centered with material things we have forgotten how lucky we are.

Perhaps we need to learn to step back a little bit and show our gratitude for all that we have, because we have so much compared with others.

Once you are able to see what you do have rather than only see what you don’t have you begin to change your way of thinking.

The vibration you send out into the universe will be a much more positive one.

Once you begin to see what you have and be grateful for it, and your vibration changes, you will begin to receive more things Air Jordan 7s to be grateful for.

Out of all the studies I have carried out with regards to the Law of Attraction, gratitude has been the one that has featured the strongest so far.

And it is such a simple act to carry out, just say thank you to yourself to whatever you have that you want more of. It might be more material things or it might be something like a nice family meal together.

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