21 Mar 2015

Air Jordan Future Wow

Wow, it needs a brave heart to tell out my secret that I have big feet. Actually, buying shoes is a very happy thing for most of girls, while that not include me since I need to wear shoes with very large size.

What is the most frequently situations happens in buying a pair of shoes is that the shoes I like is often not the shoes suitable for my feet, and on the contrary, the shoes which fit for my feet are all the style I don’t like.

We girls with big feet all know that the shoes for our girls are usually smaller than the man’s shoes in the same size. So how can we girls with big feet do when we buy the shoes? Are there any shoes fit for us? Today I’d like to share my experience of buying shoes for my big feet.

1. What kinds of shoes suitable for the big feet girls?

Who said that girls with big feet cannot wear high heel? In fact, most of the girls who have big feet are tall enough. If a tall girl wears a pair of high heels will be more matured. When wearing a pair of high heel the bigger the foot is the more comfortable the girl will feel. This is the very reason I like high heels even though I have big feet.

But, for the girls with big feet, there are some tips of choosing high heels should be paid attention to. First, never choose the high heels with slender heels since there is a sharp contrast between the tall girl with big Air Jordan Future feet and slender high heel.

It will make you looks imbalance. On the contrary, choose the thick heel and slip sole high heels. But if you have a slender figure and slim leg, you can try the thick high heels which are very popular these years.

Second, because the big feet must be longer than others in the same time. So the big feet are also not suitable for wearing the point toe Nike LeBron 11 high heels since the point toe shoes will make your feet looks bigger than ever. While, the round toe high heel is a right choice for the big feet. But if you like point toe high heel very much, you should choose the point toe with a wide upper. It will make you more lady like and Air Jordan 10s sexy.

Flat Shoes may be the best choice for the girl who don’t like the high heels but with big feet. First of all, the girls who are not get use to wearing high heel shoes will feel very tired to wear the high heels.

And actually, high heels will do harm to our feet if we wear them for a very long time. Furthermore, flat Shoes have more large size and styles for the girls to choose. If you don’t like to wear high heels you can choose a pair of flat shoes with round head and a broad pants, it will cover your big feet to some extent.

2. Where can you buy the shoes with large size?

Although there are few shoes suitable for our big feet we can’t give up any rights to pursue beauty. Usually, the large size shoes are often sold in some foreign trade stores. But even if there are shoes with large size, the designs of the shoes are often not meet our taste.

My experience is to buy the shoes in the big shopping mall in the promotion season. In the NINEWEST and ALDO shop you will find the 39 to 43 size shoes easily.

I used to like Air Jordan 12s the MNG shoes since it has many large size shoes. Recently I crazy for the

UGG Corinth due to its comfortable, fashionable and high heel. And since the coming of the New Year, many stores have made out the plan to make Air Jordan Women Size promotion for the UGG Corinth.

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