21 Mar 2015

Air Jordan Fusion 5 Cameron

MLA style: “BASKETBALL BEAT : HE’S GOT BIG SHOES TO FIND.” The Free Library. 1996 Daily Air Jordan Fusion 5 News 02 Nov. Todd is catching up to you in the big feet department.

O’Neal wears size 22 shoes. Todd, a 15 year old Air Jordan 6 Rings sophomoreJV center at Chaminade High School, has size 20 shoes.

People say they can ski in them,” Todd said. I was in Chili’s for my birthday and people were staring at my feet.”

There are advantages and disadvantages to having gigantic feet.

I’ve never been roller blading, I’ve never skied,” Todd said.

And the advantage? I get a lot of attention,” he said. I guess it’s my trademark.”

The 6 foot 8 Todd comes from a family of big feet. His mother wears size 12. His father is 10 1/2. His 12 year old brother, Jonathan, is size 15, and his 8 year old brother, Cameron, is already wearing size 8.

Assistant coach Bryan Cantwell, who knows Jack Haley of the Chicago Bulls, gave Todd a pair of size 19 shoes once worn by Will Purdue. They lasted two weeks before they became too uncomfortable.

Todd is always looking for shoes, as is his entire family.

That was one of Nike LeBron 11 the topics we discussed over Thanksgiving dinner shoes,” he said. tournament in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, beginning Thursday.

They said it was 20 below up there,” she said. We’ll find out what cold really is.”

The Royals raised $6,000 to make the trip, which will include a team sleigh ride and a jaunt to the world’s second largest shopping mall.

Back to the well

No coach lost more top players in the offseason to transfers than Birmingham’s Al Bennett. So how come he’s smiling?

I’m excited,” Bennett said of his 2 0 team. It’s a fun team. We have good chemistry.”

Gone are David Redmond (Canoga Park), Ellis Richardson (Poly) and Ken Mason (Cleveland). But Birmingham has Raymond Kizzee and Emmanuel Evans, two quick, talented forwards. And there’s junior point guard Fahim Hassankhail.

He has got to be one of the best point guards, if not the best, in the Valley,” Bennett said. He’s so tough defensively.”Correction:Van Nuys senior guard Isaiah Thomas scored 10 points Monday in his first appearance since playing at Chatsworth as a freshman.

Injury:Harvard Westlake’s girls’ team has lost leading scorer Corrie Roberts for one to two Nike KD 7 months with a broken foot suffered in last week’s Beverly Hills Air Jordan 9s tournament final against Palisades.

Washout:Games in the Beverly Hills tournament Monday and Tuesday were postponed until today because of rain damage.

City rankings: Radio station K NEWS is conducting a weekly City Section boys’ coaches’ poll. In the 4 A, Crenshaw is rated No. 1, followed by Palisades, Westchester, Fairfax, Fremont, Canoga Park, Dorsey, Carson, Cleveland and Locke. In 3 A, San Pedro is rated No. 1, followed by Birmingham, Van Nuys, Hamilton, El Camino Real, Bell, Narbonne, Eagle Rock, Marshall and University.

What are the white jerseys for? With earthquake repairs underway at North Hollywood’s gym, the girls’ basketball team has been forced to the road. The Huskies won’t be at home until their 15th game, in January.

We’ll just have to keep the blue jerseys clean,” coach Rich Allen said. We’ll be the road warriors.”

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