21 Mar 2015

Air Jordan Fusion 4 were loose fitting and came in several patterns

Dresses were either long and hovering Air Jordan Fusion 4 around the ankles or short, tight and resting mid thigh. Empire waist dresses, which had a seam directly under the chest area, were loose fitting and came in several patterns, including floral. These hippie style dresses were made from cotton. Like dresses, skirts were either short Air Jordan 20s and tight or ankle length. Both lengths were paired with tall, slouchy boots. To wear the Bohemian look, women wore the longer, billowy skirts paired with long necklaces and dangling earrings.

In the ’50s, women rarely wore pants. In the ’70s, pants became an acceptable form of casual and formal dress attire. The one piece, zipper front jumpsuit was paired with heels or boots. To make the pantsuit extra fancy, you added sequins from head to toe. You could see a stream of colorful hot pants on the dance floor of Studio 54. The tight, straight legged, shiny hot pants were paired with a sexy opened toe heels. Women wore polyester elastic bell bottoms as a casual look Air Jordan 6s for work or home. Denim jeans had to be two things: designer Air Jordan 17s and bell bottomed. Gloria Vanderbilt and Jordache jeans were tight and flared at the bottom. Gauchos, also known as pedal pushers or clam diggers, ended mid calf and flared at the bottom.

Multicolored striped blouses featured large triangular collars called butterfly collars. Plain white blouses had designs stitched onto the pockets and collars. Turtlenecks were the form fitting shirts with a turn over collar and could be worn under sweaters for extra warmth or by themselves. Instead of a coat, a woman could wear a poncho style sweater. This “Boho hippie flower power” cover up was made from a knit wool fabric and pulled over the head and rested on the shoulders. Wrap around cardigan sweaters with a strap to fasten was another style that kept women Air Jordan 2010 warm. T shirts were tie dyed and other tees featured symbols such as the peace sign or had messages like, “Peace” or “No War” printed across the chest.

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