21 Mar 2015

Air Jordan DMP Now that you have a better understand of the term Salsa musi

The FusionSalsa is a unique genre of Latin Music. Instead of taking it at face value, read on to discover where this label came from and how the name is a great analogy to ‘Chips and Salsa’.

Miguel “Mambo” DeLeon has been a Latin music entertainer and Salsero for over 30 years. He is known in the Midwest Salsa and Latin Jazz scene as “The Pioneer” “El Pionero” since the mid 80’s. From the mid 70’s he worked alongside Orchestra Charambo and backed up various vocalists from the Fania All Stars. Other artists he’s worked with include such legends as Larry Harlow, Ismael Miranda, Willie Colon, Celia Cruz, Hector Lavoe, Ruben Blades, Tito Puente and many more.

What is Salsa Music?A Five Point DefinitionMany dancers and music lovers ask the question, “What is Salsa music?” There are several explanations depending on whom you ask and the level of knowledge done in researching the origins Air Jordan DMP of Salsa music. However, in making this subject a quick conversation that doesn’t distract you from getting your Salsa dancing on, here are a few informative tidbits as to What Is Salsa Music?

1. To help in understanding the term Salsa, understand that it is used in the same umbrella context as the word ‘Hispanic’ or ‘Latino’. These two words put all Spanish cultures under one name for general purposes, but do not identify the individual cultures included unless specifically stated. One may identify themselves as Puerto Rican, Cuban, Dominican, Colombian, or Costa Rican, and a reply would be, “Oh, you’re Latino.” Likewise, saying one is Mexican, El Salvadorian or Guatemalan and one might say, “Oh, you’re Hispanic!” In this regard, Salsa is a general term that includes many cultures and music types.

2. The term Salsa was coined in the mid to early 70’s during the emergence of The Fania All Stars. This All Star band comprised itself with the top artist in their specific instrument; Larry Harlow on piano, Bobby Valentine on bass, Ray Barreto on congas and Roberto Roena on bongo. These artists were the Air Jordan 18s heartbeat of this all star band. The brass included Willie Colon on trombone as well as many others in the ‘saucy’ brass section. Singers included Hector Lavoe, Justo Bentancourt, Cheo Feliciano, Adalberto Santiago and Pete “El Conde” Rodriquez. All these artists are LEGENDARY and most still perform today. Being a mixture from different cultures and musical backgrounds, this was when the term Salsa was Air Jordan 23s successfully used as a marketing tool, and with great success.

3. Salsa music is defined as a mix of all the Latin dances combined in one general term. This includes some old style Cuban, Puerto Rican and New York styles of Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Afro Cuban rumba, and Charanga styles. In order to generalize all these cultural forms into one word, the term Salsa was created. As to whom to give the credit for specifically coining this term depends on who you ask. I suggest not getting into this dialogue so it doesn’t disrupt your nice evening of Latin dance with your potential dance partners.

4. Various tempo and rhythm patterns define specifically what vibe you feel in the Salsa music you hear from the DJ or live band performing at your event. If it’s fast, real brassy and has a strict pattern, it most likely has Mambo influence. If it has medium tempo, guiro with small cowbell marking the beat and flowing evenly throughout, then it most likely has the Charanga influence. If it has a heavy clave and percussion, it is most likely an Afro Cuban influence. The Cha Cha Cha stands on its own unique sound and rhythm pattern, easy to identify and not generally mentioned under the Salsa umbrella of styles.

5. Here is an easy explanation of what is Salsa music so you can get on with your Latin dancing. It is just like the salsa in your ‘Chips and Salsa’ and is made of many different ingredients to get its flavor or ‘sabor’ with some salsa hotter than others, or to personal preference. Nike Air Foamposite One The same is said about Salsa music with all its different styles of dance and music of old style Cuban, Puerto Rican and New Air Jordan 7s York styles of Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Afro Cuban rumba, and Charanga and is what makes up the Salsa music we enjoy and dance to today! Just the word Salsa generalizes the flavor and does not specifically identify the style.

Now that you have a better understand of the term Salsa music, put on that fancy dance footwear and burn up the dance floor with more confidence that you know and identify with the style of salsa that is hot for you! Keep Smiling Keep Dancing y dale Mambo!

Miguel “Mambo” DeLeon

Video: Mala Suerte performed by Sammy DeLeon’s Orchestra Lead vocals by Miguel “Mambo” DeLeon

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Nice to see a music and dance niche lens in such a simple style. Helped me to understand salsa more and thank you for teaching me something new. Very good first lens. Looking forward to reading new ones soon ๐Ÿ™‚

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