21 Mar 2015

Air Jordan CDP with stilettos doing so much good for them

Isn’t it surprising to note that a simple heel, which is not even an essential part of the shoe per se, can come to denote so much! Well, the dagger like stilettos mean, convey and do lot more than can ever be expected from a seemingly simple accessory (heel) of an accessory (shoe).

Stilettos have not just be studied by shoe designers, celebrity stylists and fashion conscious people, the needle like stiletto heels are as much of interest to the feminists and socialists alike. Having thoroughly delved into the 4 8 inches tall stiletto heels, researchers Air Jordan CDP claim that stiletto heels are many feet higher when you unravel the actual meaning that they stand to denote. No wonder reams of paper have been spent trying to understand the mystery of the intriguing stiletto high heel shoes by socialists.

The term stiletto originates from the Italian ‘stiletto dagger’ a Air Jordan 7s murderous, long slender blade. Indeed, stilettos are considered as lethal as the dagger itself if their potent sex appeal is taken into account. The charm of the stilettos is so intense that women do not even think Air Jordan Fusion 4 twice before buying a pair not even about the price tag, whether they can walk in them or whether there is absolutely any need to add to their already overwhelming stiletto shoes collection.

A recent news article stated that actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s entry on red carpet in a seductively high stiletto heel led to a significant increase in the sale of stiletto heel shoes. Who knows stiletto heels could prove to be our ultimate savior in this recession and save the world economy from depression!

Stilettos Sex and the Celebrity

“The attractions of the foot, like the rest of a woman’s body, are intriguing and a mystery. I really don’t know why”, writes Ed Fox the celebrated fetish photographer, one of the first to shoot strip burlesque artist and actress Dita Von Teese and others.

If a woman’s foot is the sexiest part of her body, only stiletto heels can dare match the sexiness of a woman’s foot. To some stylists, ‘stiletto’ spells sex. No other accessory can make a women appear as erotically sexy as a stiletto heel can. Depending on the heel height, the style of the shoe and attitude of the women, stilettos can make a woman look compellingly sexy, vulgar, submissive, elegant and aggressive. No wonder everyone from top stars to fetishists from power dressers to cross dressers and A list celebrities to the girl next door have experienced and simply loved the mystic sex appeal of stiletto shoes.

If experts are to be believed, stiletto high heel shoes can do more to a woman than just making her look sexy. Stilettos can also improve a woman’s sex life! A study claims that wearing stiletto heels directly works the pleasure muscles linked to orgasms, as high heels tone women’s legs and strengthened pelvic muscles.

Hmm, with stilettos doing so much good for them, women have fallen head over heels for their stilettos. Actress Sarah Jessica Parker, when talking about her ‘Sex And Jordan Winterized 6 Rings The City’ celebrated shoe loving character, Carrie says, “She could probably count on a Manolo more than a man. So is it better than sex? Yes!” she says. Pop diva Madonna too has rated her Manolo shoes “better than sex”. Manolo Blahnik shoes are famous for their seductive needle heel stilettos. Along with designer Roger Vivier, Manolo Blahnik is credited to have revived the fashion for stiletto heels.

Stilettos A must have accessory

Thanks to celebrity endorsements at every red carpet occasion and on every photo shoot, stilettos have become a must have accessory today. If very high stilettos such as those ranging to 8 inches are reserved for fetishists and the burlesque, the lower versions of the spindly heels have become must wear shoes in the corporate world. In cocktail parties, pubs, in wedding dos and Air Jordan 9s even while loitering casually in malls, a woman is not considered dressed enough if she is not seen wearing a nice pair of stilettos.

Even if not possessing several pairs, every fashion conscious woman today would at least have one great pair of stilettos. Most often women keep a pair of stylish black stilettos always in the closet as it promises to dress up a lot of dresses at a host of occasions.

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