21 Mar 2015

Air Jordan CDP “A” on the second

A charming cake shaped like building blocks is versatile enough to use with both boy or girl themed baby shower decorations. To make, bake eight square cakes, each one Air Jordan CDP around 6 to 8 square inches. Spread white frosting on four cakes and place KOBE 9 the remaining four on top to create four cakes with two layers.

Cover each square “block” cake with smooth white frosting and outline the blocks’ sides in yellow icing. Place the cakes slightly askew on a large platter so that they look like scattered blocks. Use light blue icing to outline the letter “B” on the first cake, “A” on the second, “B” on the third and “Y” on the fourth. Use pink icing to fill in both “Bs” and yellow icing for the “A” and “Y.”

Get creative with fondant to create a baby shower cake Air Jordan 6 Rings that looks like a baby blanket. To begin, bake two rectangular cakes, spread one with frosting and top with the other to create a two layer cake. Spread a thin layer of frosting over the cake to prevent crumbs. Place the cake on a serving Air Jordan 20s platter.

Roll out a sheet of yellow fondant slightly larger than the cake; set it aside. Roll out lengths of pink and blue fondant, and cut them into small squares. Press the squares onto the yellow fondant to create an alternating blue pink yellow quilt pattern. Drape the fondant quilt over the cake and smooth down the sides until it looks like a blanket draped over a rectangle mattress. Air Jordan 4s Place a plastic rattle cake topper on the top left corner of the cake and write “Congratulations” in white icing across the middle.

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