21 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 9s not nailbrush If you want to do color blocking

Brisa gel is an acrylic free, hypoallergenic product made by the Creative Nail Design company. It is a “no chip” gel polish, which dries instantly and stays intact longer than traditional enamel nail polish. Your natural nail will breathe through the gel and can continue to Air Jordan 9s grow, as with regular nail enamel, but not with regular gels. Brisa nails make a great base for fancy nail designs because they are easy to mix, paint over and stencil on. For the best results with each step of your nail design, work with a professional manicurist.

Mix your colors into new shades or color blocks. If you work quickly, you can paint one color over the other, and they will dry into one single layer, unlike with regular nail enamel. You can also mix the colors separately, as they come in jars instead of bottles and are applied by paintbrush, not nailbrush. If you want to do color blocking, simply paint half or a portion of each nail. Brisa gel will dry instantaneously and will not spill over on to other Air Jordan 13s parts of the nail. Brisa gels come in Air Jordan Fusion 5 a clear form as well and is great for doing French manicures without building up chunky layers.

Apply 3 D art or appliques such as glitter, rhinestones or other small items. If you are going to extremes and want to apply large baubles, you can still attach them using Brisa gel, but you should use fake nails to protect your natural nails. Be forewarned that any heavy ornamentation on your nails increases the chances of your nails ripping or breaking. Clear Brisa gel can be used instead of traditional nail glue or Krazy Glue to apply 3 D art by serving as an adhesive between the applied object and the nail. If your Air Jordan Fusion 4 design is relatively flat and even, seal it with another layer of clear Brisa topcoat.

Stencil or freehand paint a design onto the nails. Use the Brisa gel as the design paint, use regular nail polish over the Brisa, or use made for nail stickers. Because Brisa gel adheres so strongly to your nail without fear of ripping or damaging the nail, your designs will stay on better than on traditional nail polish. Flowers, stars, tiger stripes, basket weaves, checkerboards, letters and numbers are all easier to do with Brisa nails because they dry instantly and hold better. Use a stencil for precision on more detailed designs. Or use tape to cover part of the nail, and paint around it to create patterns. The tape will lift right off without removing the Brisa gel polish. To swirl two colors, apply a quick layer of Brisa gel, use your brush to drop a small dot of a second color in the middle of the nail, and then swirl with a toothpick before they both dry. Toothpicks can also be used instead of brushes to paint on a intricate or tiny design with the thinnest Nike KD 7 of strokes. Experiment with applying eyeshadow, puffpaint or glitter gel pens over the dried polish. Because Brisa gel does dry so quickly, it’s usually easier to peel off the overlay design than to soak off and remove the Brisa gel with special remover, which will remove all layers of polish. This is the one downside to designing with Brisa gel because it is hard to correct your mistakes without removing all your work. Regular nail polish remover can help to correct stains if used with a Q Tip or toothpick immediately after the error occurs .

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