21 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 7s as more and more of our military are killed each day

The past week has witnessed the return of the control of Iraq to the Iraqi people and the restoration of full Iraqi sovereignty. Like a lot of Americans, I find myself confused about what has actually transpired. bases in other countries are covered by a status of forces agreement. Who has executed or will execute such an agreement on behalf of Iraq?

The Bush administration has a stated goal of full elections in Iraq next year, resulting in a democratically elected government. military presence in Iraq? Would Air Jordan 7s their key industries, government ministries and infrastructure be free to choose their own business partners from anywhere in the world?

The United States has true sovereignty (although we have shown, in recent years, a tremendous capacity to abuse it). Looking at the future of Iraq, one wonders if George Bush is as creative in defining sovereignty as Bill Clinton was in defining sex.

It would seem that much of America has forgotten the speech in which the president said that we would no longer tolerate those countries that support terrorists.

Perhaps because in their zeal to oust George Bush, those who oppose the Iraq War try to rewrite what the administration said about Saddam Hussein. The president didn say we overthrew Saddam Hussein because of 9/11; he said Saddam was just plain evil, a threat to the United States and had incontrovertible ties to al Qaeda and other terrorists. This became much more important to us as a country after the Twin Towers attacks.

We can give up now. We must continue to stand up and protect and defend life and liberty against those who wish us harm, or worse.

Bush says things are looking up, the European Union promised Air Jordan Fusion 5 to help Iraq repair and rebuild the Bush destroyed infrastructure among other things, but will not send troops to Iraq. Tours of duty for our troops have been extended with no definite end dates. In addition, re enlistments are getting very iffy, as more and more of our military are killed each day.

Meanwhile, the partisan Supreme Court has allowed Vice President Dick Cheney to stonewall temporarily anyway any attempt to open up his secret meetings.

With all the secrecy of executive privilege, do we know what is really happening in Iraq? Perhaps the new Kerry administration this coming November will be able to shed some light, and clean up this mess created by Bush.

In the early part of 1999, I was sent as one of the first American troops into Albania and then a few weeks later into Kosovo. There were fewer reasons Air Jordan 23s for us to be in Kosovo then there are for us to be in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet liberals supported the Kosovo action because it was the almighty William Jefferson Clinton who gave the go ahead for it.

The left got mad at President Bush for Air Jordan 17s not going into Afghanistan and stopping the Taliban prior to 9/11. The same people curse President Bush for going in and stopping Saddam. troops defuse bombs in children schools.” Why, because that would drive the president approval rate up. We can have that now, can we!

We did not choose this war. It chose us. The people we fight will not stop until every American is dead. They do not care if you are for them or against them. They will not be happy until Air Jordan 14s there is no one to oppose them. President Bush understands this.

I can believe that some people, especially the Democratic candidates, are giving comfort to the terrorists. The war in Iraq is won, but the terrorists remember Vietnam and Korea wars that could have been won, but instead became a signal to the world of America internal weakness.

The terrorists are desperate, and Americans on the home front must be as strong and determined as our men fighting in Iraq. Bad things happen in life when good people do nothing, so wake up, America. Fight them now, or fight them later when the odds will be against us.

Over $180 billion has already been spent in Iraq; unfortunately, that has not reduced the threat of terrorism. blowing up oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, Spanish train bombs, kidnapping of contractors, etc.). We would have been better off spending $180 billion to send Americans to college or building better roads, funding development of biometric or other homeland defense technologies.

I left wondering who wins by this squandering of $180 billion of our hard earned money. The only certainty is that we will all pay for it in the coming years via higher taxes.

In the face of one of the most difficult challenges our nation has faced, an attack upon our civilian population by transnational terrorists that killed more people than died at Pearl Harbor, our government responded with resolve and strength and, I believe, continues to do what is necessary to protect us.

The task of eliminating Saddam Hussein despicable regime was only going to become more difficult with the passage of time. Taking on Hitler after he invaded Poland but before he struck France, would, in retrospect, have saved millions of lives. Rolling up the Iraqi army while it was poorly equipped, poorly led and before it again embroiled the region in conflict was a wise thing to do.

How will the liberation of Iraq and the elimination of the Butcher of Baghdad contribute to winning the war on terror? Imagine you are the leader of a government who thought it was good policy to pay people (or their survivors) to blow themselves up or to let terrorists train, organize or have safe sanctuary in your country. State Department that gives you two choices: You eliminate, expel or extradite these terrorists; or you have the United States do it for you. soldiers, what would you choose?

Hold to no illusions. We are at war with evil people who wish us great harm. I admire the leadership the president has shown against a complex and fanatical foe. I have heard no one among the legions who criticize the road we have taken put out any approach that sounds remotely like a viable alternative.

If I can find fault with President Bush, it is that he hasn explained as clearly as possible how grave the peril we face is and why the policy we are embarked upon is so important to support.

When our troops finally come home from Iraq, they should be celebrated and cheered for the heroes they are! They have carried out their assigned missions with skill and courage. Through no fault of their own, they have had to endure deadly hostility and the constant possibility of being sitting ducks for the invisible insurgents.

On the other hand, the governing team (including their mouthpiece George W.

Let not let our government perfidy get mixed up with appreciation for our brave troops, as we once did after Vietnam!

Immigration and the enforcement of our laws

Further, an alien in this country legally is described as a “resident alien.” The glossary is replete with references to, and usage of, the term “illegal aliens.”

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