21 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 23s thick appearance than the 1980s styles

Legwarmers were invented in 1980 by KD Dance to keep dancers’ legs warm until they’ve performed an adequate warm up routine. They surged in popularity upon the release of the 1983 teen film “Flashdance.” This turned legwarmers into more of a fashion trend. In keeping with general 1980s Air Jordan 23s fashion, legwarmers were usually brightly colored, often neon. Girls wore legwarmers fashionably until KOBE 9 the early 1990s. They never went extinct, because dancers kept using them. But they were not worn fashionably again until 2004 when they made a resurgence. Many women now Air Jordan Fusion 4 wear modern legwarmers, which have more of a textured, thick appearance than the 1980s styles.

A common misconception is that legwarmers are simply used to warm the legs. This is only sometimes true. Legwarmers are usually just fashion accessories. Some dancers use legwarmers to keep their Air Jordan 2011 lower calf warm before a routine, but the purpose for keeping this small part of the body warm is debatable. The term “warm” is better understood in the context Air Jordan 5 Retro of “warming up” for a physical activity, or loosening muscles before engaging in intense workouts. Legwarmers are always removed by dancers at the end of a warm up.

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