21 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 2011 the Ugg boots come in a riot of colors such as fuscia

Traditional Ugg boots including the women’s Ugg boots are made from the skin of the sheep. The wool is processed to make the leather and the boot’s upper part is manufactured where the fleece is kept on the inside. The soles are made from rubber, Air Jordan 2011 though the soles of many boots are also manufactured from synthetic material. The stitching of the boots is done in such a way, that it is quite prominent and visible on the outside. The fleece works as a natural thermostat and helps to keep the feet Air Jordan 16s of the wearer warm and moisture free. The fleece also ensures that there is Air Jordan 7s enough circulation of the air that helps the feet to stay dry as well. The Ugg boots come in a variety of designs colors and can be knee length or ankle length also. Today, the Ugg boots come in a riot of colors such as fuscia, black, pink, blue etc. They are also available in the lace up and slip on variety as well.

The animal’s rights movement against the Ugg boots in the last decade

When the Ugg boots became a fashion trend in the last decade, many celebrities including Pamela Anderson also endorsed the brand. In 2007 when, Pamela Anderson came to know that they were made of sheepskin, she stopped endorsing the product. The animal’s rights movement has even taken the help of students to boycott products that are made of fur or animal skin and products. To this end, the Princeton Animal Welfare Society popularly known as PAWs also staged a similar boycott against the Ugg boots. They registered their complaint by doing an on campus protest in February 2008. Both make and female students lay down Air Jordan 5s in the snow and wore coats that were covered in fake Air Jordan 6 Rings blood. They also held signs that read “What if you were killed for your coats”. This boycott drew attention to the animal rights movement against the Ugg boots.

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