21 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 2011 basic ones at first So

Hi, my name is Kyle Polak. I’m a soccer coach from Wilmington, North Carolina. Today, I’m going to talk about training exercises for soccer. For this clip, you will Air Jordan 2011 need a soccer ball, soccer cleats and a soccer field. So, Chris is going to show us some little, basic ones at first. So, we’re here starting from this line Air Jordan 6s going to the other line. He is going to do some short sprints. Let’s see that, good. Make sure he goes all the way to the line, very good, perfect. That’s good for now. Also KOBE 9 now we’re going to show you some side to side shuffling. So, let’s see some of those now. Let’s see one more, a little bit quicker this time, perfect, very good. Those are some basic ones. Now, we’re going to get more difficult ones. Now, from this line to the Air Jordan 11s other line, high knees now. Nice and basic, keep your shoulder back and go now, good. Let’s see one more time, very good. Now, I want the high knees, instead of going high knees now we’re going to go bringing the knees or the legs backwards now, let’s try that one now, good, very good. Let’s see one more time, perfect. Those are Air Jordan 23s some perfect training exercises for a soccer player.

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