21 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 1s then move on to the next You may need to tweak your goal

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Tip No. 3: Track With a Goal in Mind continued.”I used tracking to become my own coach,” says Cheng, a San Francisco entrepreneur. “Each day, I used video to record my performance, and I watched it to find what I was doing that worked and what was Air Jordan 6 Rings tripping me up,” Cheng says.

She recommends focusing on your work in progress, not Air Jordan DMP on your final performance. Focus on just one change or improvement until you master it, then move Air Jordan 9 on to the next. You may need to tweak your goal, too.

Cheng also benefited from some quantified data during her training period. Based on data tracked by the SleepCycle app, she changed her sleeping habits. As a result, she was more alert, which improved her ability to learn those new moves!

Tip No. 4: Turn Data Into MotivationFun makes a difference, too. “We all like to feel like we’re winning or succeeding. So look for apps or trackers with a gamification angle,” says Alex Ince Cushman, who tracks everything from sleep to exercise to time on his computer.

“For example, I set my tracker’s target goal to 3,000 points a day. [Points are how the Nike FuelBand keeps track of activity.] There have definitely been days when I was close but not quite there, and I ended up squeezing in a short run to get over my self imposed arbitrary line,” Cushman says.

Many people work harder when they have a number to push against. Quantification counting and measuring can urge you to spend more and more time working toward your goals.

Tip No. 5: Seek Advice If You Need ItDon’t discount the value of community, especially if you have a significant goal.

“Increasingly, physicians, nutritionists, and trainers are incorporating tracking into their offerings,” says Paul Abramson, MD, a QS enthusiast. If you end up with more data than you know what to do with, they can help.

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