21 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 1s spray it with a glitter spray to make it sparkle

Make glitz and glam shoes using a few supplies from your local craft store. Jazz up a pair of canvas tennis shoes by painting a thin layer of glue all over the shoes. Sprinkle glitter all over the glue and shake off the excess. Another idea is to bling tennis shoes using rhinestones and super glue. Secure several rhinestones to the toe of the tennis shoes. This style works best with Converse type shoes, so you can glue the rhinestones to the rubber part on the top of the shoes. Air Jordan 1s Puff paint and glitter pens work well for drawing designs on shoes.

Create glitzy clothing using glitter pens, puff paint, paint pens, fabric markers and iron on transfers. Girls can write Air Jordan 3s the word on the front of a shirt using a glitter pen. On the back of the shirt, have her draw a large star and trace the outside of the star with a glitter pen. Other items to give the glitz treatment include pants, scarves, leggings, hat and robes. Use glitter pens to draw designs on the back pockets of denim shorts or pants. For glitzy tie dye, children can use a tie dye kit to dye clothing items. After the clothing dries, spray it with a glitter spray to make it sparkle.

Girls can Air Jordan 17s enjoy making their own glamorous spa masks. Help the girls mix 1/4 cup powdered clay with 3 teaspoons cornstarch in a bowl. Add 3 teaspoons of an herb like peppermint, eight Air Jordan 12s drops of essential oil like jasmine and 4 teaspoons of sweet almond oil. Mix in a couple of Jordan Retro 8 drops of water until the mixture turns to a paste. Store any extra mixture in an airtight container. For body glitter, allow the girls to mix polyester cosmetic grade glitter powder in clear aloe vera gel in small cosmetic jars.

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