21 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 1s flee those “horrifying

Replies: Put down any open containers of Ketel One you may have in your doughy Air Jordan 1s and feverishly exfoliated Manhattan palms. This next statement may startle you. Somewhere within Britney Spears’ circle of minions perhaps even inside Britney herself lies a brilliant brain. A brilliant, manipulative and diabolical brain.

Someone in that camp is an evil genius. Someone in that camp knows that by having Britney (a) flee those “horrifying, frightful” photographers and then (b) whine about them to any media outlet that will listen, a good 20 to 30 percent of this simpering, celebrity obsessed nation will renew their sympathy and devotion to Mrs. Federline on the spot.

These people will believe every word spouting from Britney’s hush puppy scented orifice and immediately leap into the chat boards, where they will denounce the media, using as many exclamation points as they can before their hands cramp up. Why can’t they just let her live?

Combine that kind of obvious manipulation with the very occasional tale of paparazzi jostling or verbally abusing an innocent person, and you get a squadron of bat winged, bone gnawing photographers who eat only the warmest and freshest of bunny intestines and who file their teeth down to sharp points in clandestine, torch lit ceremonies.

But the truth, according to my research, is much more complicated. Especially given the Nike Air Foamposite One fact that, according to one top paparazzo, Spears actually loves being snapped by freelancers.

“She has a relationship with the paparazzi,” says Bauer Griffin cofounder Frank Griffin. “If anything, she is a real media whore; she will go to places just to be photographed.”

Then why is Britney moaning so much about her secret friends? The answer is that, for stars, dealing with the paparazzi is a game, not a blood sport in which Jordan Pro Strong celebrities are the victims. In fact, Griffin suspects publicists instruct their clients to flee only if the photos won’t benefit them and to still show up at the paparazzi hangouts if they have a message to send through the media. After all, with increasing frequency, stars are asking magazines to pay for their candid images. (Like, say, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones agreeing to charge OK! magazine $1.6 million for their wedding pics.)Having their photos out there for free certainly doesn’t help pay for those dental veneers or those $150 an hour blowouts by Chris McMillan.

“The last thing the paparazzi want to do is harm the goose that lays the golden eggs,” Griffin concludes. KOBE 9 “They want a nice candid picture. The ones that sell are not the ones of people being hit Air Jordan 4s or bashed up.”

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