21 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 17s

They are super comfortable and sork of look like boots sticking out under jeans. They are sorta/kinda like these (but cuter, they don’t have a heal like these but this is the basic idea):I also have a pair ballet type flat shoes. If I wear them with jeans or pants, I will wear thinner socks with them to avoid the rubbing, you can see the socks really.

I also am a flip flop girl at heart, I would wear them year round except that it is too freakin Air Jordan 17s cold, windy and snowy in Chicagoland. I’m sad to say but I think my flip flop days Air Jordan 3s are just about over until spring again!Married to Scott 9/28/07

Momma to Noodle 4/16/08 Peanut 1/22/11

I have these that I wear with jeans or skirts. They do not slip off my heel at all (I can’t stand that too!), and they are very soft and comfortable.

I didn’t realize what a shoe person I am until seeing everyone else’s posts. But other than those above, I wear Old Navy flip flops, a pair of cowboy boots I got at Target Air Jordan 2011 years ago on clearance, my New Balance tennis Air Jordan 2010 shoes, Converse shoes, or dressy flip flops. I almost always wear jeans and cotton shirts, so I try to dress them KOBE 9 up a bit with cute shoes and a necklace or earrings.

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