21 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 14s Dessy Barr

Hi, I’m Lisa Nielson, Beauty Maven and celebrity makeup artist. And today, I’m going to be talking about how to rock turquoise eye shadow. So, I love the concept of using color in makeup and it’s a great way to do it on your eyes. What I would advice though, when you start talking about doing really bright vivid colors, is you want to pick one area of the face. And in this case, it’s turquoise, right, so we’re going to be doing it on the eye. I would suggest integrating it into your everyday makeup routine. So, what I’ve got, is just a really pretty, vivid turquoise color. What we’ve done already on our beautiful model, is we’ve just done some skin perfecting and some powder, a really pretty nude lip gloss and just sort of a peachy pink blush. And she has great skin, so we don’t have to do a lot of corrective on her. We’re going to go ahead and apply just this pretty, Anne, close, pretty blue turquoise color. But you could amp this up a little bit by wetting it down first, if you really want it to pop. Now, rather than put this all over the eye, I’m just going to work it right onto the lid. And I’m extending it all the way across. And I think, you could integrate this into like a normal day time look for work or whatever, as long as you pair it with some earth tones that soften it. That way, it looks like something that could be worn and is suitable for any environment as opposed to maybe something more edgy and editorial. So, we’re going to go ahead and put the blue on first, the turquoise and then, we’re going to pair it with just a really pretty medium brown. And I’m going to bring this into the crease, right above the turquoise blue. We’re just using a little angled brush, it gives you a nice ability to get in those tight spaces in control. And with the Air Jordan 14s sort of angled edge, you can flip that brush and create a contour shape in the crease. Go ahead and grab a Q tip, so that we can blend this out. Another you could do to balance this, is to bring a little color underneath, go ahead and open your eye and look up. And we’re just going to lay down a little bit of color, again, with that angled brush, in the corner. Again, the turquoise blue, starting from the inner corner and working out. Air Jordan 15s And we’re just laying down the color a little bit at a time. I’m going to get right into the lash line, so there’s no spaces that aren’t colored, you don’t want to see skin through there. A good eye shadow primer will really help to grab the color too, so you do want lay down some primer first. Get your hair out of there, or it’s going to jump in. We’re just building right above that turquoise color and into the crease. You can see that by Air Jordan 1s pairing it with sort of an earth tone or a neutral color, you can integrate these kinds of fun, kind of more funky colors into your shadows. And as you can see, this looks Air Jordan 13s great on our beautiful model, Dessy Barr, go ahead and close one second, Air Jordan 7s for me. So, I’m Lisa Nielson, and that’s how I would rock turquoise eye shadow.

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