21 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 13s a royal source told the weekly newspaper

It seems that Prince William and Prince Harry are sharing more than a flat in Clarence House while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are temporarily living with the Prince brother. Shoes are being shared, as well.

A was spotted on Prince William shoes at a gala he attended with his new wife, Catherine this week. Now could stand for several things, but the most probable and speculated is, of course, it stands for William.

The two brothers, like so Air Jordan 13s many siblings in the world, have reportedly been picking up the wrong shoes on their way out the door. Even though Prince William and Kate stay with Harry only when they have engagements in London, the shoes must have been confused more than once for the Prince to feel the need to Air Jordan 2010 write his initial on his. It is nice Air Jordan 1s to know that Air Jordan 8s even royals have normal mix ups like Nike LeBron 11 this.

and Harry are similar in shoe size, so I think this is his way of making sure he wearing the right shoes. It quite sweet, really, a royal source told the weekly newspaper.

Prince William and Kate will be out of Harry flat and away from his shoes soon enough. They will leave for Canada June 30 and then return to live at Kensington Palace.

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