21 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 12s as would some cardboard books

i also got TONS of clothes at my baby shower. but, strangely, no socks or shoes that would fit past dd’s first 3 months. someone gave her these for her 1st christmas (she was 5 months at the time) and i LOVED them!!!!i think a savings bond would be a GREAT idea, as would some cardboard books, or even a case Air Jordan 12s of diapers if you Air Jordan Fusion 4 know what kind the parents prefer. as long as you don’t get anything pink. i swear, i had so much pink from my baby shower i wanted to poke myself in the eye!!!! when dd outgrew her shower gift outfits i went out and bought bright, bold colors to get the “stench” of all that pink out of my mind.

For a baby girl? Go to a boutique Air Jordan 13 and just look around. There was one in our area that had really cute bows (even if she doesn’t have much hair, they had some that velcro’d in). Tutus. Baby legs (basically leg warmers but way to flippin cute). Shoes (I always get the leather type ones? Gosh, can’t think of the name brand right Air Jordan 4s now, but they sell the knock Air Jordan 1s off at Target. I had a ton of those and could never get enough). If she already has lots of hair things, there are crafty type things that hold bows (somebody posted an online one that made super cool bow holders). Etc.

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