21 Mar 2015

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Adopting a new puppy can be one of the most exciting things that can happen to a person or a family, but that cute little fur ball can also cause a lot of stress, especially in the first few days of coming to his new home. If you have just adopted a puppy, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to make sure that this new addition to your family grows up healthy and happy. Below are 6 things you should do for your newly arrived puppy:

1. Give your new puppy plenty of love and attention, particularly when he does something “right.” Start communicating with your puppy the moment you bring him home. Don’t wait for your puppy to make a mistake or do something wrong before starting communicating with him. If you start communicating Air Jordan 12s with your puppy this way, you are essentially training your puppy that you are nice some times and not nice at other times.

2. Puppies love to chew so give your puppy lots of chew toys. You can make chew toys for your puppy or you can buy a few from your local pet shop. This way your puppy learns early one to chew on his toys instead of your shoes!

3. Have comfortable, warm bed for your puppy. If you intend for your puppy to live outside the house, make sure to provide him with weatherproof doghouse. The doghouse should be spacious too. If you decide to let your puppy sleep inside the house, you can use a rectangular wooden box for his bed. You can also check out crates and kennels sold at local pet stores.

4. Keep an eye on your puppy when small children are present. Puppies are practically no match for rambunctious small kids. Puppies can easily get injured and even killed when they are left alone with small children. Small kids generally don’t realize that puppies are very Air Jordan 7s fragile animals and that they should be handle with extra care and gentleness.

5. Start your puppy on a regular feeding schedule the first day it arrives in your home. If your puppy is six months old or less, provide him 3 to 4 solid meals each day. During each feeding, give your new puppy all the food he Air Jordan 9s can consume within 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, take away any leftovers. It Air Jordan 14s is very important that you provide your puppy plenty of fresh drinking water in between meals.

6. Start training your puppy to go on regular bathroom breaks. Take your puppy to the same bathroom spot at the same times every day, if at all possible. It is recommended that you take your puppy on bathroom breaks after every meal and two to three hours in between his meals, and after he has taken a nap. At night, take your new puppy on late night bathroom trips. This will train your puppy early on to Air Jordan Future go to his bathroom spot if he needs to urinate in the middle of night instead of doing it right in his crate.

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