21 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 11s When you are picking out pointed ears

You are going as a goblin for Halloween this year. You can get started at home to make your goblin Halloween costume. There are two different types of goblins that you can make. There is just the regular goblin, or there is the green goblin. They are both simple and easy to make.

If you want to be the green goblin you will need a green T shirt. The shirt, makeup or mask should be the only difference Air Jordan 11s between goblins.

Getting started, you will get a long sleeved green shirt that comes about to the middle Air Jordan 14s of your thigh. If you cannot find a long enough shirt, you can add fabric that will match your green shirt to the bottom to make it longer. You will need a brown T shirt that goes over the green shirt, unless you are the green goblin. You will want to wear green tights under your shirts.

For your shoes you want black or brown shoes that you feel comfortable walking in. Make sure that the T shirt is not one of your better shirts. Get a good pair of sharp fabric scissors and make sure to be careful when cutting. Cut out the sleeves, and around the neck, arms, and around the bottom of the brown shirt. You can even put the shirt in the dryer for about Air Jordan 3 five minutes. This helps too tatter the shirt, and not look like you just cut the shirt before putting it on.

When you are picking out pointed ears, elf ears will be work just fine. You will need to spray paint them a dark brown or black. Sometimes you can even find goblin ears. When you are looking for your ears you might want to find a mask. Sometimes you might have a bad reactions to the makeup. If you are going to be wearing makeup make sure that it will fit your skin, and that you have an idea of how you want it to look before the night you are wearing your goblin costume.

The best way to pick your makeup style is Air Jordan 3s to pick if you are going to be a good goblin, or a bad goblin. Picking a bad goblin you will want your makeup darker, and if you choice to be a good one you will not want it to be as dark.

If you do not find a cape that you want or like you can make one out of a black trash lawn bag that most of us have already. Just cut it down the sides. Air Jordan 4s Make sure that the cape is not to long you do not want someone to step on it or trip you or themselves.

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