21 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 10s give him a defensive anti technique such as Anti Nap

Never underestimate the importance of your two forward shooters. Assign Tidus to one of these positions, and use Brother or another character with a high PA as your center. Make sure your defensive players have a high attacking stat (AT) and blocking stat (BL) try Letty or Jassu to start with. Use all of your players in each game to effectively build their EXP. Focus on building your speed (SP) stat for all characters by keeping them moving around the field. Fast characters can keep pace with opposing teams and quickly find openings to shoot.

When playing in manual mode, the proper formation is essential to winning blitzball. For most scenarios, Air Jordan 10s Normal formation is ideal, as it keeps your teammates in their home zones and puts them in the best position to make tackles and blocks. To score more goals, assign teammates with a high passing attribute (PA) and shooting skill (SH) to the weakest defenders on the opposing team. The formations other than Normal, Mark Mode, Right Side and Left Side are extremely specific: use All Out Defense only when you’re ahead by a hair and there’s not much time on the clock, or try Flat Line when you need to score a last minute goal in a tight game.

Techniques allow you to use special defensive and offensive plays in blitzball. Assign shot techniques to forwards and pass techniques to centers. Give tackle techniques to your defensemen. When your forward gets a second slot, give him a defensive anti technique such as Anti Nap, Anti Wither or Anti Venom. Winno after Tidus has learned all three core techniques. This highly effective technique removes two opposing defenders without depleting your shooting Air Jordan 1s stat.

Experience points, or EXP, determine the skills of your blitzball players. For easy EXP, place two blitzball players in the one of the right hand corners of the arena. Air Jordan 2010 Make them stand side by side and pass the ball Air Jordan 4s to each other over and over. Each successful pass gains the player one experience point, meaning you can earn about 30 EXP in two minutes. You can also Nike KD 7 manipulate the system for an easy win by positioning yourself behind your own goalie when your team is leading. This causes the opposing team to swim in circles for as long as you remain hidden, bringing scoring to a standstill.

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