21 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 10s 2014

Thirteen years ago, the United States Air Jordan 10s was changed in a profound way. A major attack on the homeland by a non state foreign actor had never happened before, and the consequences thousands of deaths, landmarks destroyed and damaged were terrifying. The policy repercussions, from Air Jordan 13s the Patriot Act Air Jordan 16s to the Guantnamo Bay prison to wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to airport security measures to creation of the Department of Homeland Security to reorganization of the intelligence agencies, were even more far reaching.

Microsoft makes design central to its future

In this photo taken July 3, 2014, Albert Shum, who heads interaction design across a range of Microsoft products including personal computer operating systems, Xbox game consoles, and phones, poses for a photo in front of Air Jordan Future a projection of icons used by those systems, in Redmond, Wash. A former designer for shoemaker Nike, Shum was part of the team that revolutionized the Windows Phone design to feature the Air Jordan 2s boxy, so called live tiles that are central to the touch based interface in Windows 8. Ted S. Warren/The Associated Press

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