21 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 1 a mouse

If it gets to be 30 degrees Fahrenheit or so below zero, the water vapor will freeze instantly. That’s why the water has to be boiling, as the vapor has a much higher surface to mass ratio (the same reason you will freeze to death slower than say, a mouse).

All of those little heated particles of water cool very rapidly when exposed to super cold air, forming ice crystals in an instant. BUT ONLY IF IT IS COLD ENOUGH.

We do the all caps there because once again we fear somebody going out on what’s considered a cold day in California (say, 60 degrees) and tossing a pot of boiling water toward their friends. And then suing us.

Here is a trick that works on the same principle but doesn’t require you to live in Minnesota. And the results are actually just as bizarre.

You may have even seen this principle in action before, if you have ever felt Air Jordan 1 the gut wrenching sadness associated with putting a beer in the freezer to cool it down quickly, only to forget it for three hours. It looks fine when you pull it out, but when you open it you find flat beer flavored slush has instantly formed inside.

Now imagine how pissed we’d be if it wasn’t just a shitty Heineken Light.

The deal is that super cooled water works just like superheated; unless there is a “seed,” no ice crystals will form, so the water stays liquid Air Jordan Fusion 4 beyond the normal freezing point. With water, the “seed” can be introduced just by tapping the side of the container (or in the case of the beer, creating the delicious bubbles). Behold as the water freezes Air Jordan 15s solid in seconds, like you’re the damned Iceman from X Men:

This actually works better with beer, especially Corona (because it comes in a clear bottle, so is easier to see). Put the bottle in the freezer either in the morning or overnight. Once it has been in there for hours, all you have to do is open it. As soon as the bubbles begin to form, the water in the beer will immediately crystallize.

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