20 Mar 2015

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Biff, your Giveaway makes some very interesting points, and your Approved made me laugh. Kip, both of yours speak aOlernKienOP
Buy Air Jordan 10 Lady Liberty volumes about hypocrisy in one form or another; I really love the Loan piece. Robin, take on those politicians! aOlernKienOP
Real Shoes Air Jordan 3 Retro Stealth Bryan H., way to point out hypocritical, erroneous thinking.

Lastly, Andrew, yours points out the very thing many don stop to consider, or don care about: the HUGE toll on the population of the country that WE went to war with. Seriously, if Nick Anderson ever gets tired of our lewd, rude oxymoronic aOlernKienOP
2014 Online Sale! 40%-80% Off Fear 4s city (I am NOT wanting for him to), please consider the post (You might find the climate to be quite a bit like Vietnam hot and humid)!

Perhaps someone can explain aOlernKienOP
Sale Online Mens Shoes Toro Bravo 4s why the government should be in the business of financing college education for civilians? else can I pay for it? is hardly a persuasive rationale. Perhaps the government should finance a Rolls Royce for me I aOlernKienOP
Real Mens Shoes Calvin Bailey 9s can afford it otherwise.

It seems to me that it is not unreasonable to ask our young people to step up and serve the public for a few years before continuing on the public dole. The center of the universe is not the child navel. It would be character forming to focus on people other than themselves. Coast Guard.

First, the government should be in the business of making education available to its population because governments function is to enable it population to live their lives: the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, PROMOTE THE GENERAL WELFARE, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. why do people call it to their country to their country is not the only reason people sign up for the military. It SOUNDS more noble to say it that way, but is it really? Not everyone considers joining the military and being sent to fight overseas at the whim of aOlernKienOP
100 Authentic Cheap Fontay Montana 9s politicians like President Bush to be in aOlernKienOP
See What’s Happening With Fear 5s the interest of our country, and certainly not in the interest of the individual joining. Perhaps, if we broaden what we CALL to their country we might get more of it; I mean, why is picking up a gun and shooting someone the only thing called that? Couldn we ask people to their country by teaching school, providing medical care aOlernKienOP
Store Online Mens Cavs 4s to the needy, fighting forest fires, aOlernKienOP
100 Authentic Mens Oreo 5s managing wildlife and parks, perserving the ecology of the country, etc., etc.? All of those things we could ask people to do in exchange for government assistance in aquiring an education, and all of them would be in the common interest of the aOlernKienOP
Order Mens Air Jordan 12 Gamma Blue country. Bill is some recent effort made by to make up for college loan cuts. Bill has been around since the Trumman administration. A time which, by the way, it would have been aOlernKienOP
Womens Shoes Infrared 23 6s thought absurd that the governtment should financially sanction private citizens college educations without first having served in the military. Furthermore, as a 9 year veteran and a current student at the University of aOlernKienOP
Where Can i Buy Cheap Shoes Fire Red 4s Houston, I can assure you that there is little chance that the average college student today would even dream of enlisting in the military in lieu of racking up thousands of dollars worth of debt. Self less Service is just not in the vocabulary, even when college funds are part of the bargain.

Taxpayers give a lot of money to the government and allow them to run schools. They set the agenda without concern for the parents that pay the money. Why do we let government run schools at all? Many don believe they are doing the job of educating our kids. With the liberal agenda that includes teaching homosexuality and abortion and dumbing down of the requirements, our education system aOlernKienOP
Authentic Shoes Bred 13s is failing everyone.

It is a great idea that our government give assistance to everyone that wants a higher education. Low cost loans aOlernKienOP
Real Shoes Air Jordan 12 Taxi for anyone that wants to go to school and makes good grades is what our country should be doing instead of wasting money on welfare. Require that these baby factories have their kids make grades to continue to get free money would improve the plight of the kids.

To many it makes more sense than buying you a Rolls Royce. To explain it to you, a Rolls Royce is a depreciating asset and benefits only one person. An education, however, is an appreciating asset and gives benefits to all.

Asking our youg people to serve is not a bad idea but the definition of required service is called aOlernKienOP
Mens Air Jordan 5 Grape 2013 the DRAFT. I am very proud of our military and those that choose aOlernKienOP
Real Cheap Shoes Playoffs 12s to serve. I am also very saddened by the deaths of those that serve and for their parents and siblings and their loss. I wish it wouldn happen. Perhaps you can pull your head out of the desert sand yourself and sign up and serve. If you are too old then I wouldn be trying to aOlernKienOP
How Can i Buy Military Blue 4s tell others that they should serve in the military. Keep in mind, that this endeavour would also cost money. What is the difference spending money for education or military spending? Has anyone looked at this cost? I bet one is cheaper than the other and in the long run is better for the world. I pick education.

The comic was drawn in response to the recent budget cuts to the Student loan program, at a time when our government is considering reinstating the draft. I thought it was ironic that the SL program was cut. Giving kids one less option to attend college. I realize the GI Bill has been around for a long time, aOlernKienOP
New Style Cheap Bobcats 10s and have had the opportunity to use it myself. I am also grateful to a government that has assisted me in furthering my education.

I actually thought I would get more of a reaction from the toon than the loan I love the debate I think I send in cartoons more often

Perhaps you can pull your head out of the aOlernKienOP
70% Off 2014 Air Jordan 4 Cavs desert sand yourself and sign up and serve. If you are too old then I wouldn be trying to tell others that they should serve in the military. I requested to go to Viet Nam, but my request was denied.

Two of my three siblings have also served in the military, one of whom (a civilian volunteer with DoD) returned from Iraq at age 60 through Dover AFB in 2005 and is interred at Arlington.

If our family is not entitled to an opinion on this subject, then just what does one have to do to earn that right?

JohnG: the KKK thing was a little strong, but otherwise you nailed it. just saw Kip cartoon and it reminds me that everything, including beauty, fact and reality itself, is indeed in eye of the beholder I reminded that selective outrage, and the selective reporting of selective outrage, is widespread.

Why is it that selective outrage is more often than not, reported on with such dichotomous and subjective standards? I honestly don know the truth about that, but I certainly have my own thoughts regarding the motivations.

From street activists to students to professionals, Latinos are stoking ethnic anger as they pander to crowds with blatant stereotypes and use racially charged language to motivate their supporters and they are doing so with virtual impunity.

At an October protest in Escondido, Calif., organizer Fernando Suarez de Solar of a group called Aztec Warriors for Peace whipped a crowd of illegal immigrants into a frenzy outside City Hall after the council passed an ordinance that requires landlords to verify the legal residency of their tenants.

not allow yourselves to be intimidated by any blue eyed aOlernKienOP
Real Mens Shoes Fire Red 3s that comes to your house and asks you for de Solar shouted in Spanish. Moments later, when he was giving me an English translation of what he had just told the crowd, he forgot to include the reference to whitey, perhaps in deference to my green eyes. the rest of the article titled: Extremist Latino rhetoric flares in

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