20 Mar 2015

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I went to see my aOlernKienOP
Sale Online Womens Shoes Fear 5s son at college last week and since it is finally getting warmer outside, the kids were shedding their heavy garb for more summery clothes. One thing that I just shook my head at is aOlernKienOP
New Release Black Infrared 13s the fact that at least 75% of the students aOlernKienOP
Real 100% Black Cement 3s I aOlernKienOP
Buy Air Jordan 9 Motorboat Jones saw were wearing those infernal, nasty looking flip flops on their feet.

Now those chunks of rubber were invented to help prevent people from passing on foot diseases in community shower settings such as the armed forces aOlernKienOP
You Can Find The Latest Style Of Oreo 4s and schools. They were never intended to be official street garb but somehow everyone in the country is going around with aOlernKienOP
Order Mens Shoes Infrared 6s those things stuck between their toes and thinks its attractive footwear.

I aOlernKienOP
Buy Online Womens Air Jordan 5 Oreo imagine part of my angst with those things is that I grew up in a day and age when young people worried about how they looked. Never in a million years back then would anyone be seen walking around town with $5.00 thong shoes made out of recycled tires.

I watched our recent high school’s Grand Prom March and was shocked to see at least a half dozen young ladies wearing $400 dresses walking around with worn out flip flops on their naked feet. I don’t have a daughter but if she told me she was wearing flip flops to the prom, I would cut three holes in a fifty pound potato sack and tell her now she has a dress that matches her footwear.

I don’t know why restaurants allow people aOlernKienOP
Your Best Choice To Buy Spizike Easter in with those aOlernKienOP
Store Online Cheap Stealth 10s things on their feet. It clearly says no shoes no service and I aOlernKienOP
Cheap Price Air Jordan 3 Fear proclaim resoundingly aOlernKienOP
Order Authentic Grey Toe 13s that flip flops are not aOlernKienOP
Buy Real Shoes Playoffs 12s shoes. In fact, a person walking into an eatery with those ugly things on their feet is flopping airborne particulates of toe aOlernKienOP
Buy Online Cheap Shoes Air Jordan 3 Fear jamb all through the dining area and that should be considered a health hazard. Toe jamb causes cancer in laboratory rats you know.

Of course it isn’t only younger people who have failed to understand the rudimentary couth of covering one’s feet. You see people of all ages under fifty walking all over town with that disgusting "suck splapt" sound aOlernKienOP
Real Cheap Bright Crimson 3s every time they take a step.

Maybe that would help stem the tide of this epidemic of podiatary ignorance. If a person had to go into a show store and ask the clerk which aisle "suck splapts" were in maybe they would be ashamed to ask and would go and buy a pair of gym shoes or God forbid, a pair of actual dress shoes.

Take a look at when flip flops or rather "suck splapts" came into vogue as everyday attire aOlernKienOP
Mens Cheap Shoes White Cement 4s and you will see it correlates with the beginning of the downfall aOlernKienOP
Websites For Authentic Olive 9s of this great country. "Suck splapts" are made of rubber. aOlernKienOP
100 Authentic Mens Cool Grey 10s Rubber is a petroleum based product. It makes sense then to correlate that the production of these nasty rubber shoes in such monstrous numbers is the root cause of oil going so high on the market.

If everyone went back to good old fashioned leather soled shoes, we would have more and cheaper gasoline aOlernKienOP
Real Cheap Shoes Air Jordan 5 Grape 2013 plus fewer cows creating a hole in the ozone layer with their flatulence.

It is time we outlawed flip flops. Or at least changed the name to get the proper sound aOlernKienOP
Website To Authentic Oreo 5s those disgusting aOlernKienOP
Store Online Shoes Infrared 23 11s Low things make when someone walks in them. Suck splapt, suck splapt, suck splapt.

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