20 Mar 2015

Nike LeBron 12 040 x 225 = 90mm This height is referred to as

Tire sizes can be confusing to the consumer since the information molded into the side of the tire seems to be Nike LeBron 12 a cryptic string of numbers that only a tire technician can decipher. That isn’t the case, of course. The letter at the beginning of the numbers tells what type of service the tire is intended for: P for passenger, LT for light truck, T for a temporary spare the donut in the trunk. ST is for boat and utility trailers. The first three numbers are its “section width” and the second two are its “section height.” The rest deals with the tire’s construction, the rim size it fits on and its speed and load carrying capabilities.

Look at the last two numbers in the sequence “225/40.” The 40 means that the height of the tire, measured from the tread of the tire to the rim of the wheel is 40 percent (0.40) of the section width (225mm). Use your calculator to work out the height of the tire from rim to tread: 0.40 x 225 = 90mm. This height is referred to as (a) the section height, (b) the series of Air Jordan 5s the tire, (c) the tire’s profile or (d) the tire’s aspect ratio, depending on who’s speaking. A larger number means a higher sidewall.

The last two numbers in the example, “P 225/40 R16 91S,” are 91S and describe the load index and speed rating of the tire. The first two Air Jordan 2011 numbers in 91S refer to the load index. The higher the number, the more Air Jordan Future weight the tire can carry. Most car and light truck tires are rated between 70 and 110. In this case, a tire rated 91 can carry about 1,356 pounds. The letter following the numbers is the speed rating. Modern tires are rated from 75 mph to 149 mph.

How to Calculate Tire Dimensions

Calculate the overall tire height, in inches, using the following formula ((Width/25.4)xSidewall Percentage)x2. A 275/70R18 tire would have an overall tire height.

How to Compare Tire Sizes

Comparing tire sizes is easy once you understand the various marking on the tire sidewall . Simply put it is the percentage.

How to Convert Tire Size to Inches

The 225/60R16 tire sidewall height calculates to 5.4 inches. 5. . Metric to Inch Tire Size Conversion. If you look on the.

How to Calculate a Tire Diameter

The size of a tire provides information about the wheel it is sized for, the width of the tire, and its proportions.

How to Convert Metric to Inches for Tire Sizes

Don Air Jordan 11s let converting between inches and millimeters intimidate you. It simple multiplication and division for all measurements tires. You can take vintage.

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