20 Mar 2015

Nike KD 7 An Asscher or a Cushion

Since its facets do not create the brilliance associated with many other diamond cuts, color is the second most important characteristic of a cushion cut diamond. Nike KD 7 There will not be as much sparkle and fire to disguise or distract from a lower colored stone. If you want the diamond to Air Jordan 16s appear white, the color grade of the cushion cut diamond should ideally be no lower than the G to I range. Diamonds graded G through I are nearly colorless to the untrained, naked eye. The only stones with less color are graded D through F.

The measurements Air Jordan 1s of a cushion cut diamond vary from stone to stone. Some may be more rectangular, others are more square. Even the experts cannot agree on the optimal ratio of a cushion cut diamond’s length to its width. The Diamond Buying Guide recommends a cushion cut diamond that features a length to width ratio of 1.20 to 1.30, while Blue Nile advocates a length to width ratio Air Jordan 15s of 1.0 to 1.05. The ratio is a matter of personal preference, but be sure to choose a diamond with a cut quality grade of no less than “Good.” Any lower and your diamond will not reflect light to its fullest potential.

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What Diamond Sparkles More: An Asscher or a Cushion?

There are so many different diamond cuts available that it can be hard Jordan 13 Retro to choose the perfect stone for you. Two varieties the.

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