20 Mar 2015

KOBE 9 Be very pro active between the sheets Men LOVE pro active women

In this Squidoo Lens we will explore why men actually cheat, and moreover how to prevent a man from cheating on you. This exciting topic KOBE 9 is truly one of the major focus points women are interested to know more about. So if you are one of those. Congratulations! You just found all the answers!Why do men cheat?It must be one of the most looked for answers that women despiratly try to understand. Well, read on, because I’m going to tell you exactly why men cheatGenetically the man is made to reproduce, spread his seed. Basically that means they are programmed to want to have sex as much as possible.It’s like that because in ancient time men had to spread their DNA as much and as far as possible in order to let the human species survive and develop through natural selection. Tens of thousands of years ago, when marriage wasn’t invented yet, it was completely normal and natural for men to make babies with lots of different women. In fact, you don’t have to look very far to see that our closest ancestral species, the chimps and the orang utans still live by this philosophy.How to prevent men from cheating?Men are programmed to fool around. But YOU can prevent that!Now let’s talk about how you can prevent your boyfriend or husband from cheating on you while you don’t have him in your sight. First of Air Jordan Women Size all you need to stay interesting to him. Never ever loose the effort of motivating your guy to stay with you. With that I mean, keep flirting, keep giving your relationship new and exciting moments and keep it sexy and romantic.Secondly: Be very pro active between the sheets. Air Jordan Future Men LOVE pro active women, especially when it comes down to sex! Give him good sex and give him sex often. This may sounds like a very intensive task, and yes it is indeed. Doing exciyting things lets free adrenalin and that’s a chemical that is also released when people are in love. So it kind of mimics the love feeling, and that’s exactly what you need!Make love with passion, not just for Air Jordan 7s the sex but for the LOVE! Although men in most cases have sex for the sex, you must show him that “love” can be another good driving force to “make love”.If you’re currently not in a relationship and you’re looking for a man who knows how to give you real passion between the sheets: Here are 5 signs that instantly tell you whether or not a man can perform well in bed.Involve your boyfriend or husband in your social lifeTalk a lot, talk about everything and talk without arguingMen love women who are independent in their social life yet show some dependency to him. Show him that you need him, but don’t do it too much, find a good balance. Make him feel important.Be spontaneous, guys find it usually very important that a women has a few rough edges that bring excitement and unpredictable situationsFirst and foremost. You got to have a happy character. When you are happy, the people around you as well get happier. Including that one special guy you like or love so much!Got more advice?We need you experience as wellEveryone has Air Jordan 18s different experiences and lessons when it comes down to men. To help us all it would be so great if you could share anything that might be useful on the topic of cheating men, how to keep a guy faithful and what you personally do to keep your guy stick to you. At the end, men cheat mostly because we simply allow then to do that. This may sound not quite true in you your case, but think about it from a guy’s perspective. If you were in his shoes (glad we aren’t right?) then how would you see your relationship? And what would you do if you were him?If you feel like sharing your own interesting stories or tips and tricks you may know which are not discussed here, feel free to leave a comment or contact me personally. I will try to add new info as much as possible!

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