20 Mar 2015

Jordan Winterized 6 Rings Bonney told The Prescott Daily Courier

PRESCOTT VALLEY, Jordan Winterized 6 Rings Ariz.

Justin Stanfield Thomas, 35, was fatally shot Friday after he and his son traveled from Phoenix to a friend home 90 miles away in the northern Arizona community of Prescott Valley for a surprise visit.

The boy found the loaded gun in the home within minutes of arrival, asked a question about it and pulled the trigger, Prescott Valley Police spokesman Brandon Bonney said.

Thomas later died at a hospital.

The child has been with his mother since the day the shooting occurred.

Bonney said the gun should have been locked away, but Jordan Retro 10 that Thomas friend, whose Air Jordan 15s identity hasn been released, was Air Jordan 10 Retro caught off guard by the unannounced visit. No children lived in the house.

processing everything to see where they stand with the interviews and the crime scene investigation and see if Air Jordan 2010 everything is matching up, Bonney told The Prescott Daily Courier.

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