20 Mar 2015

Jordan Retro 8 Everyone is different

Over the years I have noticed how everyone’s beliefs can differ in relation to whether they think that smoking is an addiction or simply a habit. This core belief has a missive impact upon how easy or how difficult you find it to stop smoking. If you think that you are addicted to smoking then you will find it more difficult than if you thought it was just a habit. Your thoughts and beliefs shape your experiences about everything in life, not just stopping smoking.

Not only will believing in Jordan Retro 8 the addictiveness of smoking impact upon how easy you find it to stop smoking, it can also create a justification for remaining a smoker. It becomes Air Jordan CDP easy to say to yourself “I’m addicted now so I can’t stop smoking” and then not even try. Also, if you think that smoking is an addiction, it is easier to fool yourself into the belief that continuing to smoke is not your fault that you cannot help yourself because you are the victim of an addiction. This thought pattern is anything but empowering!

To stop smoking easily you have to get your mind around this subject. It is important to ask yourself why you assume that smoking is an addiction. We know that innumerable chemicals are produced as you smoke even a single cigarette and this may lead one to believe that smoking must therefore be addictive. But we also know of many people who have decided to stop smoking and have done exactly that; they stopped smoking and didn’t get withdrawal symptoms, not a single symptom. We know others who tried to stop and didn’t manage it. We know people who got angry when they stopped or put on a lot of weight.

Everyone is different, and the different experiences will always reflect one’s expectations. If you want to stop smoking easily, it’s important to work upon your expectations and in this way you pave a pathway to success. One thing which is undeniable is that smoking is indeed a habit. Each individual has their own associations with smoking; some people only smoke socially, others never smoke socially. Some people don’t smoke until after breakfast, others smoke before they even get out of bed. Some smoke when they are happy, others when they are sad.

Smoking is a habit which can be associated with feelings and emotions, places and times of the day, events and circumstances; smoking can be linked in your mind to anything and everything, and as a matter of habit, whenever that situation or circumstance pops up, Nike LeBron 12 out pops the cigarette, and you are smoking before you’ve even Air Jordan 4s had time to think about it. It’s as automatic as brushing your teeth or tying your shoe laces.

It can take time to train your brain to change a habit, no matter what that habit is. If you decided that from tomorrow you were always going to put your right shoe on before your left, or vice versa, you would probably have to put a post it note on your shoes to remind yourself that this is what you plan to do. Otherwise you would have your shoes on your feet before you had time to think about it! Habitual behaviors are ones which you just do, they just happen. You do not consciously think about doing them, they are part of a “sequence” and they are driven by your subconscious mind. Therefore to change a habit you need to somehow get into your subconscious mind to “unpick” that sequence.

It is for this very reason that hypnosis is such a successful method of stopping smoking. Hypnosis is a state of relaxation which is both normal and natural. You pass through hypnosis every night as you fall asleep. In hypnosis you have access to your subconscious mind, where these habitual beliefs and behaviors are stored. In hypnosis you can truly get your mind around your smoking habit and you can change your beliefs and expectations. With the help of hypnosis downloads, you can see smoking from a different angle, seeing it as purely a habit as opposed to an addiction, and train your mind to expect it to be easy to stop smoking.

If you expect it to be easy to stop smoking this is what you will experience. Hypnosis really does make it easy to stop smoking. By using hypnosis, you can learn to imagine yourself as you want to be, and this is very important. Whatever you imagine you create, and so it is vital that the pictures you see in your mind’s eye reflect your new expectations of quitting easily. Hypnosis allows you to get your conscious and subconscious minds in alignment, so that both parts of your mind expect the same results. You therefore get away from those old feelings of knowing that you shouldn’t smoke but at the same time wanting to smoke. With the use of hypnosis you will no longer be “in two minds” about stopping smoking.

If you want to stop smoking hypnosis downloads can be used to truly get your mind around this habit and therefore Air Jordan 2s make it a whole lot easier for you to quit.

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