20 Mar 2015

Jordan Retro 5 third

Today we are going to be going over some beginning ballet moves and ballet steps. We are going to go over some simple positions right now with feet and arms. First position in ballet is simply feet meeting together and I am going to bring my pants up a little bit so you can see. Feet are going to meet together at the heels making the letter V with your feet and this is first position. Second position is simply sliding out, stepping a little bit wider. Again, feet are turned out pointing to the side. This is the second position. Third position we bring our foot in, heel meets to the center of the foot. Most ballet shoes are right where the elastic ties onto the shoe. So that is a little clue for the little ones but this is our third position. Fourth Jordan Retro 5 position the foot slides to the front, equal distance between on the side; let me step Air Jordan 7s side so Air Jordan Fusion 4 you Air Jordan 4s can see. Here is fourth position and fifth position finally is we simply slide our foot in, toe Air Jordan 12s to meet the heel and on this side you can see. So again we can flow right between the three of the five positions with first to second, to third to fourth and to fifth and facing the side so you can see first position, second, third, fourth and fifth. All right. That’s your basic ballet positions for the feet.

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