20 Mar 2015

Jordan Retro 10 Personalize Your Decor

What better way to convey your family’s favorites than by decorating your home with items Jordan Retro 10 that bring your passions to life? If your family loves to sail, transform the bathroom into a seaside cabana. Go a step further by hanging photos of your family’s sailing trip.

If you or someone in your Nike KD 7 family is especially talented at a sport or pastime and has medals, trophies or ribbons to show off you can create a simple display or shadowbox to exhibit these accomplishments as a work of art.

If you Air Jordan 23s or someone in your family is gifted with words, use them to inspire others by featuring their writing around the room or even on the walls. Not only will guests get a glimpse into your preferred pastimes, but they’ll get to see your family actually taking part in the pursuit further reinforcing the favored activity.

Try putting your hobby materials to work by using them to accentuate a simple storage piece. If baseball is your forte, gather your bats, caps and balls, then mount them along a basic bookshelf with eyehooks. If you’re a dancer, try the Nike LeBron 11 same method to hang old pairs of dance shoes, costume pieces, even sheet music from your favorite routines. For an artist, mounting brushes and palettes is the perfect way to bring the theme to life. Once you’ve adorned your storage piece, keep the motif going by displaying trophies, photographs and artwork Air Jordan 1s that coincide with your hobby.

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